Here, There, and Everywhere: The Impact of The Diabetes UnConference

10450528_10153177751732328_8584133040017261821_n-2My diabetes doesn’t take a time out. There’s no napping, no long weekend out of the office, no sabbatical. I drag this sucker everywhere and even if it doesn’t play nicely with others, it gets to come along for the ride.

And I’ve been doing a lot of riding (as well as writing) these days. Word is getting out about The Diabetes UnConference which means I’ve been sharing my experience (and getting feedback from other people) here, there, and everywhere.

I’m sharing these here, because it gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with new blogs, new voices, and great communities! Attendees of The Diabetes UnConference have been talking about their own experiences here, there, and everywhere.

  • Kate Cornell of Sweet Success and how important the power of peer-to-peer support is to her.
  • George Simmons of Ninjabetic fame shares his words of how emotional being there was to him.
  • Stephen Shaul of Happy Medium discusses his first thoughts after attending The Diabetes UnConference.
  • Arlene Skinner of CutTheBSGirl wrote an open letter to her newest friends after she came home.
  • Joe Gaiser came from Germany to be at the inaugural event and shared his thoughts with Scott’s Diabetes.
  • Kelly Kunik gave her insights of her experience at The Diabetes UnConference.
  • Scott Johnson and Kerri Sparling share their thoughts with diaTribe with this wonderful article about the impact of The Diabetes UnConference.
  • Michael Hoskins, the thoughtful voice at Healthline’s DiabetesMine had lots to say about his impression of The Diabetes UnConference.
  • And Mike also outlines how he plans to nurture the connections he made in Las Vegas on his personal blog, The Diabetic’s Corner Booth.
  • Kerri Sparling of Six Until Me shares how she felt about the social media blackout during The Diabetes UnConference.
  • Karen Graffeo of Bitter~Sweet talks about the experts she met at the conference.
  • Jennifer Christensen of Sweet Zoo explores how online connections allowed her to create face-to-face experiences of a lifetime at The Diabetes UnConference.

And Like I said… I’ve been talking about The Diabetes UnConference a lot these days with others:

Shawn Shepheard is the creator of Sugar Free Shawn and one of the most positive people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. He makes me show my goofy face and I find myself using jazz hands when I talk with him. This is a good thing. Check out his website here.

I also chatted with Daniele Hargenrader of Diabetes Dominator - not just about The Diabetes UnConference, but life with diabetes in general. (Do you know her? You should! What a dynamic force!)

One of my goals from The Diabetes UnConference of continuing crucial conversations outside of The Diabetes UnConference is blossoming… Diabetic Connect has graciously extended a hand in making these dialogs part of the larger diabetes community:

Heather Gabel delves into the words we use when talking about diabetes - a topic that we touched on at The Diabetes UnConference.

Here is my first pass for a call to action that came out a discussion about diabetes discrimination and stigma.

un-diabetes-conference-fullcolor-iconWe’ve begun something that I believe is unstoppable at The Diabetes UnConference  - and I can’t wait to propel it even further as a community through some of the initiatives we discussed there, as well as inspiring new conversations next year.

Early Bird Registration for next year’s Diabetes UnConference (March 10 - 13, 2016 in Las Vegas) opens on May 1st.  We are not just here in our words above… we will be there… because we understand that we are everywhere. Come get involved.


  1. Scott K. Johnson

    Thank you, Christel. Lot’s of great momentum here, and I’m thrilled to have been a part of it!

  2. NuGo Nutrition (@NuGoNutrition)

    Congratulations on turning your idea into a reality. Wishing you and the UnConference success for years to come.

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