Sugar Surfing

SugarSurfingSquareLogoThe concept of riding the blood sugar wave to keep them in range would not be possible without the ability to watch your CGM carefully, predict what will happen, and microdose (whether by syringe or insulin bolus). Many of us would love to become surf masters, and there is someone out there who wants to help: Dr. Stephen Ponder.

Someone on Facebook posted about this man, a T1 himself (47 years!) and pediatric endocrinologist, about his “sugar surfing” concept. I was intrigued, as I’m in the constant quest to spend more time in range. His information is practical and helpful and he doesn’t tell you to eat cardboard and exercise 15 hours a day (not that anyone would ever suggest that, but you get what I’m saying…).

You can learn more about him, watch his videos, and download some cool PDFs on important topics (like sick day rules and ketones) here. 

Last summer, he announced that he was crowdfunding a “Sugar Surfing” book and I wanted one immediately. The book is in final stages of publication, but I believe he’ll have an overrun and you may still be able to get a book. You can click on this link here to order it. 

I’m not getting anything for giving you this information. (Dr. Ponder doesn’t even know who I am!) However, I’m all for tips and tricks that make sense, and I want to pass it on.

Do you have any book recommendations? I’d love to hear about them!

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