PIP PIP! I’m Not So Cheerio Right (Write) Now…

Remember how I wrote earlier this week that my finger was detriggered?

Um. About that.

If I am correct (and I’ll find out on Monday, so please place your bets now), I have developed a PIP joint flexion contracture in that finger. My finger will not fully extend, so when I give someone a high five, it’s more like a high four and a half. And the joint is locking and clicking.

What does this mean for me? Again… place your bets. I am hoping that I am going to lose the one I’m making with myself, because it would involve another surgery.

So, without narcotics (which I took to write this post and get things done around the house), I’m unable to complete the every day tasks I was doing before the surgery. I have so much to do and so much to write about that this is one.big.bummer. (And I abhor narcotics, so I’m not the happiest of campers right now.)

I often tell people that it’s not the big complications that make daily life with diabetes tough; it’s the little things. This is a little thing in the grand scheme of it all, but right now, it’s coloring everything I attempt to do. My blood sugars are “fine” for a PWD who is under stress, but I’m looking for some resolution.

So, that’s why the posts have been non-existent. Hopefully, Monday, I’ll have an idea and can move forward.


  1. fifteenwaitfifteen

    I can’t click the “like” button for this one. So sorry :-( I have a bum shoulder/neck protrusion nerve thing that’s been giving me hell for months now, and while I’m only taking NSAIDS for it to get through the day, it’s still a pisser, and pain is a bitch. ***hugs***

  2. Scott E

    Well this really stinks — I hate to see that your finger was “fixed” when it really wasn’t. But don’t feel bad about what you are (and aren’t) writing here. Though you do need to take care of yourself and your family, you owe us nothing.


    I had 2 trigger finger release surgeries years ago and Physical therapy helped. Have you gone to PT yet? I hope you get some some relief soon! Good Luck and feel better!

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