The Ghosts of Diabetes Past


To: The Ghosts of Diabetes Past

From: Management

It has come to management’s attention that you have been wandering the halls of her head in the dark of night, whispering  and moaning to each other.

Cut it out.

Stop shaking those invisible chains and shackles that no one actually sees or hears, except those who may also have your brethren in their heads. You are becoming redundant in your complaints and excuses.

It’s not like she doesn’t already know each and every one of you by name: High Blood Sugar, Apathy, Just A Little Bite, One More Glass, I’ll Check Later, Got Too Much Else Going On, Complications, and her personal favorite, They’ll Be A Cure In Five Years.

Management hears you all loud and clear. Yes, she is choosing to ignore you now. You’ll still get your year end bonus and style points as you have for the last thirty years. It’s only fair, right? Except, you’ve never really been fair to her.

You are hereby put on notice that a re-org will be occurring in the new year. 

The ghosts of diabetes present and future will be joining you. Please welcome Advocacy, Awareness, and Awesome Advancements. (She calls them the A-team, because they are bringing their A game to her head.) These are the new breed of ghosts. (Apathy? Yes, I know you are also an “A”, but due to your past performance reviews, you’ll need to sit this year out.) These new ghosts won’t tire, won’t give up, and make the right kind of noise in her head.

This are the ghosts who will have free reign. She recognizes that you’re not going anywhere. Some of you she invited in, unwittingly. Some of you were thrust upon her like unwanted holiday guests who don’t help with the dishes and sit outside, chain smoking and complaining. She’d ask you politely to leave, but she know you won’t listen.

Management requests that if you won’t leave, that you be silent most of the time. She’ll be busy collaborating with the new players in the team and your jingle-jangle of chains will just be a distraction.

Also, please take out the trash. (Hint: They’ll Be A Cure in Five Years is starting to smell “not so fresh”.)

Wishing you all the best (but not really),


a.k.a Management




  1. Great post! If the old ghosts won’t leave, can we call Ghostbusters?

  2. … please take out the trash (aside from the cure in 5 years not being very fresh, the claim of life will be sooooo much easier with the new d-technology hasn’t proven to be very fresh either … its added to the cost while it hasn’t reduced the burden very much).

    1. Truer words never said. Granted, I prefer my CGM and pump over NPH and a 2 minute wait for a BG reading that you didn’t accidentally wipe off at the one minute mark. 🙂

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