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How To Get Perfect Blood Sugars… .

After all this time, I’ve figured out how to get perfect blood sugars. It’s so easy that I’m shocked more people don’t do it!

  • Get “real people” sick.
  • Stay in bed and sleep.
  • Let The Kid put a band-aid on your forehead and declare you better.
  • Eat a slice of French toast. A single slice. And some cheese. And drink a Diet Coke with Splenda. (Ok, and a little bit of ice cream.) Repeat.

975475_84823308That’s it. Easy. Of course, no one wants to be “real people” sick - even “real people”, but it was a nice respite.

My blood sugars stayed between 80 and 140 for most of the time. (A brief foray into the 180-200 zone happened with the ice cream, but it was so quick that I’m not counting that.)

Being “real people” sick is alien to me. A stuffy, scratchy throat and a head full of cotton threw me for a loop. I usually know when I’m getting ill. (My Dexcom tells me.) Persistent highs and ketones - I’m all over that. I know how to deal with “diabetes” sick. Total loss for “real people” sick.

It was nice to not worry about my blood sugars while I was sick. For once. A visit to a “real people” doctor, not a specialist ended with antibiotics and codeine syrup. I’m almost over it, just in time for The Kid to begin throwing up.

Ahh… “real people” sick… there is more than one kind. (She’s better now, but I didn’t put a band-aid on her forehead.)

Heads up, all… West Coast Bound

I’m heading to San Francisco for American Diabetes Association (ADA)’s 74 Scientific Session, beginning at the end of the week. I’ll be covering a whole bunch of stuff and meeting with a whole bunch of people. Like always, I’ll share everything, because that’s how I roll. Even with a band-aid.