HAWMC Day 30 (And A Few Others) – Fin

hawmc day 30

Thought this was going to be easy-peasy: 30 days of writing about my health and health activism. Perhaps if I didn’t have a life and a toddler and didn’t go on a two week holiday to see family, it would have been. None the less, here we are on Day 30 of the Wego Health challenge, and it’s time for a little reflection (and a little catch up, too…). Here are the final prompts:

What have I learned from this experience? (Day 30)

That we all have something to say about how we (or our family members) feel. I’ve read blogs about autism and RA and depression and diabetes from a parent’s perspective. I just scratched the surface of learning about other chronic illnesses. It’s truly humbling to explore the illness world outside of your own tiny corner and listen to each person’s voice. (I’ve never been a fan of Wordless Wednesdays, which I believe is a cheat when it comes to a “writing challenge”.)

While the Wego Challenge was going on, our own Diabetes Online Community discussed a petition for a name change of what we call the two main types of diabetes, with the petitioner’s claim that the public doesn’t know the difference. They’re right, but it’s because, if you don’t have diabetes or aren’t impacted by the disease, you don’t know a lot about it in general. I also don’t know a lot about the different types of autism or the myriad of depression categories (or what the proper terms to call someone who is suffering from them), so I find it difficult to get angry that people don’t know. It’s up to us – health activists – to teach others – and this challenge was a great way for me to learn.

Share three things you love about yourself. (Day 29)

  • I’ll never be Tom Robbins (Damn, Jitterbug Perfume will make you think about beets and immortality in a new light…), Christopher Moore (Lamb? Haven’t read it? Do not pass go or collect $200. One of the funniest books I have ever read. The tagline: The Gospel According to Biff.), or even Keri Arthur (Smut smut, glorious smut.), but I love to write. I’m long-winded and wish I could turn a phrase that makes you stop breathing, but I hold my own. Will I ever write a book? Who knows? Will it be about diabetes? Probably not. (But maybe zombies or time travel or diabetic zombies who time travel… working on plots suck.)
  • I make people laugh. When I was growing up, I was incredibly sensitive and could never laugh at myself. (My family can still push all of my buttons and light me up like a pinball machine in about 30 seconds.) But I learned that I’m funny and that laughing at yourself is the first step in making others giggle. No standup comedy club circuit for me, but I do enjoy making those around me happy. (And my daughter’s chortle? Best sound ever.)
  • I’m still growing. I love that. I’m a zig-zag grower: two steps forward, one step back, change direction and move on. I’m willing to look at other options now and give things a chance (I wasn’t always like this, so it’s a big deal.). I’m still feisty and stubborn most of the time, but I’m getting better… and that’s growth.

If I wrote a book about my life, what would I title it?  (Day 27)

Time Traveling Diabetic Zombie 

(Maybe I need to work on the title and the plot.)

So, this is the end of the road for this year’s HAWMC. I’ll get a nifty badge to put on my blog and you’ll get my snarky self back a few times a week with things pertaining to diabetes and my life. Thanks for reading this month!

Get it? Tail fin? Fin? ::sigh::
Get it? Tail fin? Fin? ::sigh::


HAWMC Day 10 – Wordless Wednesday

Wego Health’s Health Activists Writers Monthly Challenge is once again doing a “don’t write” day, post a picture instead!  I’m here to write, but whatever.  ::sigh::  Here’s today’s request: It’s often hard to like pictures of ourselves – post a favorite picture of yourself. 

Christel at the Night Hotel in NYC
Christel at the Night Hotel in NYC – 2009
© Thann Clark

P.S.  This is not my real hair color.