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Where’s Your Head At?

HeadsIt’s Monday. I have a head full of noise, but it’s good noise and I’m going to lay it down for you…like a sweet track with a good beat.

I am honored and thrilled to be selected to attend the 2013 DiabetesMine Innovation Summit as part of their Patient Voices Scholarship Contest. This year’s theme is “Delivering on the Promise of Diabetes Technology” and you know how I feel about technology and diabetes. Twelve of us will be the patient advocates in an

…invitation-only gathering of patient advocates, academics, entrepreneurs, investors, design experts, and pharma industry leaders from the marketing, R&D, legal and regulatory sectors.

Then there’s this past weekend’s Insulindependence Awards in San Diego at the House of Blues, where my friend and d-brother, Scott Johnson, won the big prize for the 2013 Athletic Achievement Award. Here’s his interview before the award ceremony about why he should win - and it’s a lesson for us all that we can be athletic at any size. (And I wish that all three top nominees could have won - they’re all mindblowingly super.)

And the whole Strip Safely campaign? It’s heating up. We’ve got some interesting online events coming down the pike to help raise awareness where it’s needed - Congress. If you haven’t signed up to get updates about this important safety issue, please… do so right now. Here - I’ll even give you the link! (And if you’re crafty, there’s a Strip Safely art component, too! Get your glitter glue and test strips ready for August 26th! This is a special collaboration with Diabetes Art Day’s Lee Ann Thill.)

Thank you for answering the poll about what you wanted to hear about Friends For Life - and first on the docket will be my take on the session with Drs. “Amazing” Osers. Stay tuned…

Finally, something that has nothing to do with diabetes, but is currently an obsession. Spiral (Engrenages) on Netflix.  Even if you don’t speak French, you can turn the subtitles on and enjoy this gritty little French police drama. I’m hooked. Big time. It’s better than L&O. (I hate sad movies, but give me a dead body (or aliens or things blowing up), and I’ll all in.

So, where’s my head at? All over the place. Basement Jaxx totally got that one for me.