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Long walks on the beach, puppies, sleeping in… Um. Wait. It’s not about that, right?

Here are the sites, people, and things I like in the diabetes kingdom…


  1. Hi, great blog of your experience with the Medtronic 530G. I am anticipating getting one to replace my out of warranty Animas Ping and the new experience of CGM for tighter control of my range. Chomping at the bit while I wait to get in to see my endo’s Nurse Practioner with all the magic.
    However, your blog is interesting and points to many things most do not consider with new technology. Particularly, what PWDs who want the latest and who want great control (vs. good control) have to go through each and every day of our lives and so many other’s do not have to appreciate. Not just the food selection and the forethought it takes to determine bolus amounts but the patience and fortitude to deal with infusion sets, sensor sets, the alarms, the occasional glucose excursions, and let’s not forget the feeling of going low (if you ever have that feeling!)
    I will look forward to reading more! Thanks and good pumping! Just remember, its all a learning experience and things change daily. We all have really bad days (like mine last week where all my sugars were above 300 for some damn reason and not responding well to my insulin) and, for the most part, many better days, thank God.
    I like to say, if you don’t go low, you aren’t being good to yourself in controlling the highs. There are dividends and costs for everything!

  2. I would like to receive your updated blogs.

    1. Nina, you can subscribe to my blog by clicking on the “subscribe” in the upper right hand corner of your browser. (And thanks!)

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