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Thanks for attending the CFADE meeting on Saturday, September 12, 2015.

As I mentioned, here is the link to the presentation I gave so you could focus on interacting rather than frantically scribbling notes, hoping to get the information before going to the next slide. (I’ve been there. Done that. It’s ugly.)

The New Edge of Diabetes Technology

Here are some additional links that I mentioned during the presentation:

The “Cure”

This are the links to the articles I wrote about what is considered to be “practical cures” and where they are in the clinical trial pipeline. Patients may want to talk about when a “cure” is going to be available. These articles can help ease the blow.

Dear JDCA (Juvenile #Diabetes Care Alliance)… Part 1

Dear JDCA Part 2

The Cost of Diabetes (Technology)

This post breaks down how expensive supplies and medications can be – the focus is technology heavy. 

We talked about how expensive diabetes can be with insurance, but most of you know someone who has no insurance.

This post covers the bare minimum of what it takes to live with Type 1 diabetes and no insurance.

Co-pay and Patient Assistance Programs for US Diabetes Supplies and Medications

This is by far the most popular post on my blog, because nowhere else can you find all the information (with all the restrictions) in one place. It was updated in late August and even I was surprised at the expansion of some programs.

Need Help with U.S. Diabetes Supplies and Medications? UPDATED.

Diabetes Policy Advocacy

It’s easy. And I’m personally asking for your help.

Join (it’s free!) Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition (DPAC) to help raise awareness about diabetes policy (including getting reimbursement for diabetes educators!

Help Patients Connect with the Diabetes Online Community

Hope Warsaw wrote this great blog piece and connects you with the Diabetes Hands Foundation PDF that you can give patients. And here is the research that proves peer support is helpful.

Help Patients Connect Face To Face

The Diabetes UnConference  is the only multi-day psychosocial peer support idea exchange conference for all adults with diabetes. (And separate sessions for caregivers.)

There will be two in 2016: Las Vegas and Atlantic City.




In the Know is a quarterly email publication specifically for diabetes educators: http://professional.medtronicdiabetes.com/diabetes-educators


Animas HCP section has a “patient forms” PDF section to help your patients.


Tandem Diabetes

Patient Forms