If You Do One Thing Besides Diabetes Today, Let It Be This: #SuspendBidding

If you do one thing besides diabetes today (which is a lot all by itself), please take a moment to click on this:



Why should you do this? Why does it matter to you?

A few clicks can help suspend the Competitive Bidding Program, which was Medicare’s less than brilliant plan to save Medicare money by asking suppliers of diabetes testing supplies to bid for the privilege of selling test supplies to beneficiaries. What happened? Sure, the cost of strips went down… and so did the number of suppliers, the types of supplies offered (think: the cheapest on the market aren’t always the most accurate) and the ways to get the supplies were changed.

What increased? Costs to beneficiaries, hospital stays, and unnecessary deaths.

Despite warnings by other government agencies and organizations, the Centers of Medicare & Medicaid stuck their fingers in their ears and hummed: “We can’t hear you.”

But we can hum louder. And we can prevent needless deaths and disruption of access to diabetes supplies.

This directly impacts 11 million Americans on Medicare and indirectly impacts ALL of us. Your child or spouse or friend or coworker will someone be on Medicare and find themselves with restrictive access. But thinking ahead? It’s a slippery slope – first Medicare, then Medicaid, then private insurance companies decide that if Medicare and Medicaid are doing this, they can, too. The US Healthcare system is not saving money; exactly the opposite.

How can you help?

Click this pretty image:


Tell Congress to suspend bidding of the Competitive Bidding Program immediately until there is a congressional oversight hearing to prove that not a single person with diabetes is being harmed by this program. (Hint: There is scientific proof that people with diabetes are being harmed.)

Want more facts and ways to share these facts? Head on over to: www.diabetespac.org/suspendbidding


Want pretty pictures to share on social media? Download these:

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Want a handy-dandy infographic to share? Here:



So, in between checking blood glucose levels, deciding what to eat and how many carbs is in that meal, taking insulin or medication, fighting with insurance companies and staying healthy, please do just one more thing today and help spread the facts about #suspendbidding (and take action!).

It will probably be the easiest thing you will do today.

Thank you.

  1. Hi Christel,

    Great post excellent points. AS always have a great day. Oh, btw have e-mail the representatives
    of the territory which I reside .

  2. I did this yesterday! Wrote to all three of my legislators with three mouse clicks! Super, super simple.

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