Easy Flow Chart for High BG Management

In case you need to print it out and show it to someone who might not understand just how incredibly easy it is to manage diabetes on a daily basis. (I can’t even type it without laughing.)

I’m sure I skipped a few key steps in the flow chart.

Easy Flowchart for High BG Management

P.S. This was my day today.

  1. Love love it!

  2. Christel, did you create that flow chart, or did you find it elsewhere? It is very well done, and contains some humor that sounds very much like you.

    1. I love this. how fun is this, well and sad.

      I referred your blog for inclusion as part of the TUDiabetes blog page for the week of March 21, 2016.

    2. LOL!! Brilliant and funny. Thanks!

  3. I wanna print it! It’s SOOOOOO perfect! 🙂

  4. Yes! Yes!Yes! I LOVE IT!! Absolutely hysterical! I find very little humor in print that grabs the reality of the T1D life, let alone a small slice of the day, and skeweres it to the wall so delightfully! Thank you Cristel!


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  5. Brilliant! Didn’t realise I do all that several times per day! Have shared on facebook.

  6. Fantastic .. what a fabulous work .. brightest possible smile on my face, Christel 🙂 .. cannot resist to share, at least on facebook. Merci!!

  7. […] Source: Easy Flow Chart for High BG Management […]

  8. Being the Dad of some with diabetes I never really understood what it meant to have it. Thanks so much for showing it in a way my engineers brain could get it.

  9. So true —

  10. I want to frame this 😀

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