5 Reasons Why YOU Should Attend The Diabetes UnConference


The Diabetes UnConference deadline for Las Vegas early bird registration is January 15, 2016. Why should you go this year? I have my top five reasons. (Alumni, chime in if you’d like…)

  1. We’ve added Friday Pre-UnConference sessions with an amazing line-up: Dr. Stephen Ponder and Sugar Surfing, Glu’s T1D and Pregnancy, D’ABC (Diabetes Advocacy Boot Camp), and more…. These are FREE and open to the public, but seating is limited. (The Diabetes UnConference attendees have VIP seating. Register to attend The Diabetes UnConference and you are guaranteed a seat in the sessions you choose.)
  2. New separate safe, private sessions for Those Who Love Us: our spouses, significant others, family members who need the same type of support PWDs get at The Diabetes UnConference. We know that there are topics that they don’t want/like to discuss with us: fears, caregiver burnout, dealing with us when we’re not “in range” – and so we’ve added sessions just for them. (And we’ve added to our amazing team of facilitators for these sessions: Moira McCarthy Stanford, Mike Norton, and Dr. Jill Weissberg-Benchell.)
  3. Thursday casual fun is happening. Many of our alumni said they wanted to get together and hang out as a group. So, we’ve set up some fun activities for everyone… all unofficial and not part of the UnConference, but a great way to meet new friends and see old friends. (Go Kart racing is an option. Just sayin’.)
  4. You help to strengthen our community by participating. Many individuals hadn’t met another person with diabetes or weren’t involved with the DOC. Some began blogs, some participated in DOC activities, and some built friendships that make daily diabetes management… manageable. Every time someone registers that I don’t know makes me grin… because I know that I’m going to make a new friend. It’s like Christmas in March. (Except no snow.) I can’t speak for other alumni, but because of the friendships I’ve made at The Diabetes UnConference, my diabetes management has changed. For the better.
  5. It’s the only adults-only multi-day psychosocial conference for all adults impacted by any type of diabetes. (Because there are great conferences for families with Type 1 and day conferences for Type 2, but nothing in the world like this.) A funny thing happened last year – by the end, I couldn’t have told you who had Type 1 or Type 2 based on the discussions happening around the tables. Why? Because we all want the same thing: to happily live as long as possible, with as few complications as possible. How we get there may include different treatment plans, but we all have the same issues: complications, burnout, depression, stigma, motivation, disclosure, getting older, dating/marriage, intimacy, tips and tricks for daily living… and we talk about these issues as adults impacted by diabetes  – not adults on an insulin pump or oral medications or multiple daily injections or exercise only treatment… simply adults impacted by diabetes without judgement. It’s what binds us together.


That, and that people impacted by diabetes are fun. Come to Vegas with us and have fun.

Register for The Diabetes UnConference, being held at the Flamingo Las Vegas the weekend of March 11-13, 2016. 

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  1. I just started to weep. No reason. Such strong memories. Xoxox

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