unnamed-8I rode to McGill University on a wooly mammoth with my abacas strapped to my back.

At least, it feels like I did when I talk with current college students. (I didn’t have a cell phone. FaceBook didn’t exist. You wanted to use the Internet? Go to the computer lab.) Yet, despite the years that will separate our convocation dates, we have the same university experiences: not enough sleep, too much to do, new challenges to face, and navigating towards an uncertain future.

For some of us, we add diabetes to the mix to make it fun. (I wish there was a sarcastic font. Then again, most of this blog would use that font. Never mind.)

I didn’t hide my diabetes, but I certainly didn’t raise awareness, advocate for myself, or seek out other T1s to get support at McGill. I didn’t know a single person with diabetes the entire four years of my undergraduate degree. When I disclosed this to the team at the College Diabetes Network  (CDN) last week, my heart ached a little.

Christina Roth, founder and CEO of the College Diabetes Network explains why CDN exists: “In 2009, during my junior year at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, I started a group on campus so that I could meet other students juggling diabetes and college life. That group changed my life and the many barriers I experienced in creating the group changed the path of my life.”

I needed that peer support back then, just as much as I do now. I’m thrilled that this organization exists and is creating programs so that support is always available for students (and parents and friends, too!).

College Diabetes Week

logo_0This week (November 9 – 13), I’m going back to college. Not on my wooly mammoth, but on the Internet, and I hope you join me on social media.

As part of National Diabetes Awareness Month, CDN is hosting the 2nd annual College Diabetes Week. With over 30 campuses participating in the week’s events, we can join in on the fun (well, at least online)!

What’s this about? Here is a blog by one of the CDN students about College Diabetes Week.

How can you participate?

Use the #CollegeDiabetesWeek hashtag (and you can also use #college and #diabetes too!) to share your thoughts about what it’s like (or was like) as a college student with diabetes. Each day is a different theme:

Monday – Education

Tuesday- Fundraising

Wednesday- Awareness

Thursday Advocating

Friday- Celebrating!

Friends? Yes. Did they know I had diabetes? Only two of them. The others thought I really liked LifeSavers.
Friends? Yes. Did they know I had diabetes? Only two of them. The others thought I really liked LifeSavers.

If you could go back to university, what would you do differently to help educate, fundraise, raise awareness, and advocate? How would you celebrate life with diabetes as a student? What do you want current students to know?

Share your thoughts, views, and ideas on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and help CDN make this an amazing #CollegeDiabetesWeek!


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