Insulin for Life USA

9450799For many of us, the thought of not having insulin or testing supplies is…unthinkable. We know what happens and it’s not acceptable. There are many organizations that work throughout the world to help people with diabetes get the life-saving elixir and the needed supplies to those who would otherwise have nothing… and bluntly put… die without our help.

When I see people on social media ask where they can send unused insulin and supplies, I immediately think of Insulin for Life USA.

Who is Insulin for Life USA?

They are a not-for-profit organization located in Gainesville, FL. They collect unexpired and  unneeded insulin, test strips, and other diabetes supplies (think lancets!), and ship them to developing countries. They are then distributed, free of charge, to children and adults with diabetes who otherwise would go without these life saving medications.

What does Insulin for Life USA need?

Here’s the list.

They will accept insulin vials and pen cartridges, syringes and pen needles, glucagon kits, A1C kits, ketone sticks, new in box meters, strips, lancets, and unused lancing devices. You can pack your unused supplies and ship them to Insulin for Life USA and they’ll send you a tax-donation receipt. (I’ve done it. It’s super easy.) Here’s all the info…


Donation packing guide

Updated Shipping Label

Why Insulin for Life USA and not somewhere else?

Yes, I know that there are people in the US that need supplies. There are a ton of “pay it forward” groups on Facebook where people are asking for insulin or strips to help them get through. There are gaps in insurance or help right here in the US. (And I created the comprehensive list of programs and co-pay assistance for people in the US to get prescription medications and supplies because most people don’t even know about them!)


Imagine no pharmacies. No Wal-Marts. No cheap way to get a vial of Relion insulin, a meter and a few strips to tide you over.


Think about how you would feel.

This is why Insulin for Life USA exists. And if you have the ability to send a box of unused supplies to that person with diabetes to give them something…. please know that this option exists.

They’re on Facebook and posted this message yesterday:

You may recall in late August that Tropical Storm Erika devastated the small country of Dominica in the Caribbean.

Insulin for Life USA has been contacted by the International Diabetes Federation requesting that we send diabetes support to aid in the rebuilding process. We encourage those who would like to play a role in this emergency support and our ongoing efforts to assist those in need to consider making a donation.

You can become a part of our team either by donating insulin, test strips and other diabetes supplies or by making a financial contribution. All gifts to Insulin for Life USA are considered tax deductible by the IRS.

There are many worthy organizations. This is one of them. And they’re not asking for money (well, yes, they will take a monetary donation…), but if you have unused supplies…. this is the organization that can distribute them to those who have no access. 

And I’m all about that.

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