It Is Better to Burnout Than to Fade Away… (with Diabetes)

Neil Young is perfectly correct when he sings this….

“It is better to burn out than to fade away…”

– Hey, Hey, My, My from Rust Never Sleeps

I feel this way when it comes to diabetes burnout in general, and I had my own brush with online diabetes burnout a few weeks ago. Fading away (just ghosting from the online community and not coming back) is real. A few of my peers have done exactly that over the past ten years since the DOC took shape and I wonder sometimes what happened to them.

Did they have a bad experience online? Did they find they couldn’t connect or get their voice heard? Did they really intend on fading away… or are they just burned out?

DOCburnoutDayOn September 1, 2015, Diabetes Daily will be hosting the first ever Diabetes Social Media Burnout Day...a day in which we can all blog and discuss how we “personally maintain our own emotional wellbeing within the bustling, passionate Diabetes Online Community.”

Here’s the challenge: Think about how you deal with social media issues relating to diabetes and how you internally deal with it.

Do you shut down? Step away? Dig in? Reach out? Do you have a story to share? Do you have advice?

You don’t have to have a blog to discuss this topic.

This is what Diabetes Daily is asking all of us to think about:

“Do you take breaks? Have you been the target of an attack? Felt bullied? Unappreciated? How do you heal, endure, recharge, or reconnect to find your own happy balance within this powerful and tremendous community? Share your tips for thriving/surviving burnout in the DOC on your blog, and in the comments section on’s burnout blog on September 1, 2015.”


And because the DOC isn’t just about blogs, you can share your thoughts on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag above.

Fading away is OK. Burning out shouldn’t be.

Let’s think it over and talk about it on September 1.

  1. I am pleased to learn about the burnout date. I thought it was an annual thing, but now I see that tomorrow (9/1) is the the very first time. I will do my thing some time tomorrow. Thanks!

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