Get Paid for Having Diabetes? Yes, Thank You.

PrintWords are powerful. They’ve started wars, brokered peace, shared secrets, and molded opinions. It’s well documented that the most powerful advertising is a testimonial from someone who has used a product or service. It’s even more powerful when the individual is not compensated for their opinion.

That’s why I don’t do “sponsored posts.” (Sponsored posts are when a company gives you financial renumeration to speak enthusiastically about a product.) My word is all I have and it can’t be bought or sold on this blog. I may receive a product or service to try it, but I don’t accept cash for my opinion on this blog. (And I always disclose if I receive something for free.)

If I like something, I write about it. If I don’t think it benefits people with diabetes, then I don’t. (I will give feedback to the company on how they can improve on the product, because, you know me… I’m not shy.)

However, I do get cash for my opinion when I answer a survey through YourCareMoments. 

So, I’m writing about it.

I believe that YourCareMoments can benefit us.

Last summer, I was contacted by Zitter Health Insights about a survey service, YourCareMoments, that pay patients with diabetes for their thoughts and opinions and habits. I was told that the surveys would take between 5 to 10 minutes to complete and that I would get paid by PayPal a few days after I completed the survey.

Hmm, I thought. Is this a sham? Would I have to give up really personal information that can be tracked back to me? Would I waste time filling out a survey and not get paid?

So, I checked it out.

Here’s what I found… 

  • Anonymous surveys are sent to registered patients (it’s free to sign up) about healthcare experiences and decisions.
  • They pay a few dollars per survey.
  • They’re legit.

They ask for information (like when you are visiting your doctor or picking up a prescription) and then contact you to ask questions. No personal data is taken (no names or addresses) and the only thing they need from you (besides your opinion) is your email address to send your payment.

I’ve done it since last summer. They’re ramping up, wanting a larger group of patients, and they contacted me again, asking for help. Because I’ve done it (and it didn’t make me feel dirty or violated), I feel comfortable sharing the link with you.

This is the link to sign up: – (It’s free to sign up.)

You must be living in the U.S. and be eighteen years of age or older. 

Who is Zitter Health Insights?

Zitter Health Insights is a healthcare research firm that assists life science companies with issues related to product access, reimbursement, and managed markets.

What does that mean? They collect data from us and then they provide that data to other companies (pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, etc.) to help them make decisions about products, co-pay or coupon/card programs, or our overall attitude about a product or service. They don’t just do this for people with diabetes; they handle over 150 “therapeutic areas,” asking opinions from many other types of patients.

Why do I think you should sign up?

  1. You help the healthcare industry know what you value and what your opinion is about your life with diabetes. They learn what we want and need. 
  2. You get paid for your opinion. 

You know how I feel about empowering ourselves as patients. If we don’t give our opinion, speak our mind, learn about how we can be part of the solution, then we can’t help. And get paid for your opinion? Duh.

The questions they ask aren’t intrusive. They’ll ask you about pharmacy visits, what types of drugs you are taking to manage your diabetes, how you felt your last appointment with your healthcare professional went. (We talk about these topics all the time as a community. Why not get paid for it?)

And I got paid every time I completed a survey.

You have everything to gain. Let your diabetes voice work for you for once.

Register for free by visiting:

This is not a sponsored post. I did not receive any money or any free services. All of what I said is my own opinion about this service. I recommend it for free.

  1. Hey Christel! I think that there may be different definitions of ‘sponsored’ posts. I’ve disclosed many ‘sponsored’ posts, but never have I been asked to speak a certain way (enthusiastically, or otherwise) about a product as a result of a sponsorship (be it a free meal, a registration badge to a conference, or financial compensation). Not saying that this doesn’t happen, but I have never found that to be the norm and am worried that it may be dangerous to define sponsored posts in that way…

    Thanks for passing on the opportunities for free monies! 😉

    1. That’s simply one definition. I’ve also been asked to post articles without making changes, which I won’t do either, about a product. I’m not sponsored. If I am given something (i.e. travel/lodging/product), I disclose it, but my words are my own.

  2. When I saw your post about this last time I signed up. IT WAS SO EASY! It wasn’t a huge amount of money, but it sure allowed me an extra starbucks now and then. After a few months, I stopped getting the survey emails, so I figured their research was finished. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll let me answer surveys again.

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