My Heart Is Snapped In Two

1414426_86457786There are worse things happening in the world. There are always worse things.

On Friday, as I was making dinner, a friend texted me:

“Did you hear the horrible news?”

My heart skipped a beat. The diabetes community is vast and wide and filled with people I love. Who was suffering? Or worse…who had died?

I didn’t respond by text. I rang her up and asked: “What happened?”

“Asante closed their doors today. They shut down.”

If you use an insulin pump, you’ll quickly understand how I felt. Your insulin pump is like a member of your family (it’s there at every meal, every occasion, and sometimes you fight with it…) and I have quickly grown to love my Asante Snap pump. I loved it so much that I became a consultant for them, writing about my experience with their pump and insulin pumping in general. It was no secret that I felt my control had improved that it was going to be the last insulin pump I used before the Bionic Pancreas became commercially available.

I am mourning the loss of an innovative company that attempted to give their customers what they wanted: choice. Some of the features the Asante Snap pump has is not available with any other pump on the market, and we’ll be hard pressed to find them integrated into any future insulin pumps (although they should - site change reminder? Missed bolus? Small things that made a difference in my time in range and overall control.).

Because I consulted with them, I also knew the employees that were just as passionate about the Asante Snap pump as I was. They were caught unaware, as all of the customers were. They found out Friday, right before the rumors started to fly and the public announcement was published on the website.

Customize-your-snap-insulin-pump-2Simply put, funding didn’t happen. The company attempted to go public, but pulled their IPO at the end of March when investors and the stock market didn’t bite. (Another pump company attempted an IPO at the same time, without success, and two other pump companies’ stocks were not doing well during the IPO offering.) From what I was told, the CEO was working with a company for a partnership and at the last minute, the deal fell apart.


I’ll choose another pump. (Both Animas and Insulet are offering Asante Snap users offers to switch.) The talented employees will find other jobs.

But my heart right now is snapped in two.

Goodbye, Snap.


  1. Susan C

    So sorry to hear. I don’t use the snap but was considering it as I really liked the features :-(. I’m really sad for the employees and I hope they find jobs quickly doing something they love as much (or close).

  2. Katy

    I am so sorry. I know you guys really loved this pump. Your enthusiasm was infectious! I’d been imagining different color combinations I might like, and how future me would struggle to choose between Snap and T-Slim.

    And Melissa’s duet with Gary S. <3

  3. delightfullydiabetic

    So sorry to hear. When you love a pump, it makes it all the harder to deal with when that pump is suddenly no longer available to you, I imagine. Good luck in exploring your future options.

    Oh and for what it’s worth, one of the features you mentioned: site change reminders - that feature is available on the Tandem t:slim!

  4. Megan

    I was very saddened to hear that they closed their doors and it was very shocking. I am a tslim user myself (missed blous reminder and site change reminder are on my pump) I hope your transition to a new pump goes smoothly. Any hopes of someone buying the company and re-opening the doors so to speak?

  5. Scott Strumello (@sstrumello)

    This was a sad development, and I’m a bit more upset that they merely are doing a migration with J&J/Animas, rather than an outright sale. Its not that they couldn’t use the innovation (although I went with Animas when I was pumping because they offered an innovation over the old Minimed 508 … 1/2 unit basal adjustments … how far we’ve come since those days)! In the end, this is a business, so I understand these things happen (who remembers the Deltec Cozmo? Well, Scott K. Johnson worked for them, and many liked that pump, too). However, the fact that a sale to J&J didn’t happen is a failure of diabusiness, not the company or finances.

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