#4ForTheKid – Do Something Today

Four years ago, we beat the odds by having a healthy baby girl.

Zoe-1I can openly acknowledge now how small the odds were that this would happen.

Four percent.

You read that right. Not forty percent.


We knew that the odds were against us, but it wasn’t until much later, during a discussion with my doctors, cradling her joyfully in my arms, that the actual number came up.

Four is a very small number for a very big dream. 

I’ve said before that diabetes was just a small part of my pregnancy, and it’s true. It also factored only slightly in lowering the percentage of having a healthy baby. There was a maelstrom of other negative factors (my age, my weird clotting disorder, my previous miscarriages, my early pregnancy complications, all that we had to do to get her to stay around long enough to grow…) that pushed that percentage down to the “Are you serious?” likelihood that she would be here today, awaiting the blowing out of four brightly colored candles this evening on her cake.

She turns four today. 

Today, I am asking you to celebrate beating the odds. All of us are beating the odds every day in our own way, so please take a moment to recognize this within yourself. We are all amazing individuals, doing what we can to continue to beat the odds.

Today, I am also asking you to remember those that didn’t beat the odds. Our friends, our family members, those that are only strangers because we didn’t have the opportunity to meet these amazing individuals. They did what they could to beat the odds, but sometimes, the odds are stacked against them.

Today, I am asking you to take a moment and do something… for yourself, for a stranger, for something you are passionate about… to celebrate The Kid that is four years old who beat the odds. Take four minutes out of your day and…

  • Pay it forward in the coffee line.
  • Give four dollars or forty-four dollars or four hundred and forty-four to a charity or cause that helps to even the odds for someone or something else.
  • Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while.
  • Send a quick note to a family member saying you are thinking about them.
  • Smile at a stranger and ask them how his/her day is going. Wish them well as you leave.
  • Hum a song to yourself. (Hint: If you can’t think of anything to hum, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is great.)
  • Hug someone. Hug yourself.
  • Look up at the stars and be grateful to be alive.

Bring light into the world by being you.

Four percent isn’t much, but for me…. it was, and still is, everything.

Give #4ForTheKid today. 

Happy birthday, beautiful girl. So honored to be in your world, as you are my world.

  1. What a wonderful day for you, your family, and your adorable daughter. Thanks for sharing and so glad you beat the odds!

  2. Hi Christel, that blog is so special, and so are you and your daughter!! 🙂

  3. Hi! Just thought I’d say hi! And tell that beautiful girl that her long lost Hoffman friends say Happy Birthday! 🎂

  4. Happy Birthday to a beautiful little girl!

  5. Five of the eight on your list are complete. Congratulations to both of you. This makes me so happy. Here’s to beating the odds.

  6. Happy Birthday to the Kid! And Happy Birth Anniversary to you! Sweet post.

  7. christel –
    Happy Birthday to your amazing kid!
    And thank you for your beautiful #4ForTheKid day post… and consider it done.

  8. 4 is amazing, isn’t it? So glad so many of us were able to beat the odds! Happy Bday to The Kid!! She rocks, just like her Mom 🙂

  9. Congrats on beating the odds for a successful pregnancy and healthy little girl!! I’m sure these 4 years flew by for you ~ the ride gets faster from here on out, especially once school starts. Keep betting the odds, both of you & thank you for reminding us to celebrate ourselves as well! (I sent an email, advocating for diabetes education from medical professionals beginning at birth and I hugged & grieved with my aunt, mourning my uncle’s death from pancreatic cancer last fall.)

  10. Happy birthday! 🍰

  11. Happy (wickedly belated, but still meant entirely, and with so much love) birthday to that perfect Kid.

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