Thanks (And No, Thanks)

Thank you. Yes, you.

I asked for your ideas and your input and your help, and you commented. You made a difference.

The less than stellar appointment I had with the surgeon last week over my trigger finger had been roiling around in my brain and I was confused. Was I wrong in wanting to have a conversation? Was I incorrect in thinking that I shouldn’t have to have three fingers done if only one is triggering? Why don’t they sell Halloween Fun Size candy all year? (Wait. You didn’t answer that. I’m still asking.)

I read your comments and I talked with John… both actions got me to make a second opinion appointment, which I had today. The new surgeon was courteous, looked at my chart before speaking, and talked WITH me, not at me.

One finger will get de-triggered next week. One. Not three. One. (His eyebrow went up when I told him that the other surgeon wanted to do three at once and he had a micro expression that screamed out: “The other surgeon must need to make a payment on his Maserati.”)

On my way from the appointment with the new surgeon, I called the other doctor’s office and gave my “No, thanks” to their surgery option.

So, this is a quick thanks to you (and no, thanks) to the first surgeon. This is why I love the diabetes online community. You help others by sharing your experiences and your opinions. (And my finger still hurts, so I can’t type much more.)

Thank you.



  1. Colleen

    And this is why I, also - love the DOC! I wouldn’t have a pump or a cgm or a 4th endo, if it wasn’t for the DOC. I’m glad you’re not having three fingers done. That’s ridiculous.
    For real - there’s no fun size candy this year?

  2. Scott E

    To be honest, I think you would have reached the same decision whether or not everyone else chimed in. Don’t underestimate or discredit yourself. You can smell a skunk from a mile away, and this first doctor was right there under your nose.

  3. StephenS

    Considering everything, I’m really happy that you’re getting just the one finger done next week. I wish you all the best leading up to, during, and after the surgery. If people need you, they can call you for a while. Good luck.

  4. Scott S

    I think this is a good development. To some extent, our healthcare system rewards volume over quality, which is a bit perverse. Glad you got a second opinion.

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