AADE 2014 - Fasten Your Seat Belts…

event_guide_icon_100x100.original.1389889617.ios-2x.1400474897I have arrived in Orlando for this year’s American Association of Diabetes Educators conference. How excited am I to be here?

These individuals help to make our lives… livable. My current CDE is amazing (shout out to Michele!) and without my favorite “teaching nurse” (which was what Joslin Center called them; they’re diabetes educators…) Cindy, I would have been a mess more of a mess in my teens and twenties.

If you have the honor of knowing a CDE, take a moment to thank them. I plan on doing a lot of that for the next few days.

How excited are my blood sugars?

Very. In the wrong way.



I feel like I should yell “We Are Sparta!” as I rage bolus.

In between the DOC-centric presentations (Cherise of DSMA is speaking today and Bennet, Kerri, Jeff Hitchcock and Dr. Block are speaking on Friday), I’ll be talking with exhibitors about the latest products on the market and with diabetes educators doing some amazing things with… diabetes education.

So, this is just a quick post to say:

“Please buckle your seat belts and place your tray tables in the upright and locked position. We are ready for takeoff.”



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