The Diabetes Mosh Pit in My Mind

779301_14472518After the upcoming AADE conference next week, I’ll be done with the whirlwind of diabetes news and research firehoses I’ve been drinking from this summer. My mind feels like a thrashing mosh pit of happy things, so I’m just going to let the thoughts dance freely on the electronic page for you:

  • Elovate15 is incredible for when I just can’t do a glucose tab or gel. It’s a powder, cherry flavored, that I do not recommend trying to eat dry out of the packet. (It has a chemical taste and when I’m low, I get particular about what I will use.) However, I dump it into a few ounces of cold water, swirl it into a vortex (again, when I’m low, this is fun for me), then suck it down or do it like a shot. 15 grams of carbohydrates and it doesn’t make me nauseous. I got a free box to try and I’m buying more from their website. It’s now in my diabetes case next to my meter, because it’s so slim and easy to travel with. Thumbs up, Elovate15.


  • So, I’m late to the “Dexcom Earthquake” party. (Kerri profiled iSeismometer two years ago.) At my diabetes appointment this morning, my incredible CDE (who is also a T1) told me about the Wake Up, Earthquake! app on the iPhone. When I’m traveling and tired, I don’t hear the alarms. I also plug my iPhone to charge up. With the app, you can put your Dexcom on top of your phone with the app activated and if your Dexcom alarm goes off, this crazy loud alarm sirens. It’s free, I’ve downloaded it, and holy cover your ears, Batman!


  • My latest A1C is 6.5%. It’s back down to where I’m happy. My cholesterol level is also down to where I’m happy. (134, which is actually on the low side now.) We’ve decided that I don’t need as much of a dose, which could explain why I’m having muscle aches, especially in the shoulders (frozen and not). I’ll see if that helps.


  • Have you registered for The Diabetes UnConference yet? You should. I’m tickled to say out loud that we’ve got support from the diabetes medical device community so I won’t have to dip into my own pocket. It’s wonderful to see that the medical device community recognizes that while they may make devices to help our bodies stay healthy, we also need to have healthy minds, too. Expect to see the press releases over the next few weeks announcing the forward thinking companies.


  • I’m throwing my hat into the Bionic Pancreas ring and emotionally and financially backing Dr. Damiano’s team. I’ve seen the study results, I’ve talked to people who have used it, and I want it. Now. That won’t happen for a few reasons: 1) they need to work with the FDA for final approval, 2) they need to finish up the clinical trials, and 3) they have run out of funding for the commercial product. This is the closest I will most likely get to a “cure” in the next few years and while I’ve been lucky, I am also aware that lucky holds for only so long. This amazing device will get its own post soon enough, but if you want to get more info, go here. And then donate. They need money, it’s tax deductible, and it’s not “maybe this will work” research. It’s real.

keep-calm-and-mosh-pit-4And I haven’t even mentioned all the super awesome opportunities for diabetes advocacy yet. I’m excited. You should be, too.

Come dance with me!



  1. I love this song–shall we dance?

  2. Sounds like you have your ducks all in a row these days. Thanks for the info and I am looking forward to the UnConference. I’m now deciding whether I should download the iSeismometer or whether it would scare the sh*t out of me.

  3. This is all good stuff! 🙂 Looking forward to chatting soon <3 Hugs!

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