The Rodney Dangerfield of The Body

  • P_Rodney_Dangerfield_1Air head.
  • Big mouth.
  • Red handed.
  • Shoulder to the grindstone.
  • Girded loins.
  • Broad shouldered.
  • Lily-livered.
  • Glass jaw.
  • Gut buster.
  • Navel gazer.
  • Black heart, cold heart, heart of gold.
  • White knuckled.
  • Brass balls.
  • Butterfingers.
  • Thick skin, thin skin.
  • Up to your neck in it.
  • Bent nose, nose for news.
  • Yellow belly.
  • Upper hand.
  • Head in the clouds.
  • All ears.
  • Sealed lips.
  • Twinkle toes.
  • Knuckle sandwich.
  • Gut feeling.
  • Joined at the hip.
  • Naked eye.
  • Long in the tooth.
  • Blind eye.
  • Bare bones.
  • Rule of thumb.
  • Shot in the arm.
  • Deaf ears.
  • Cold shoulder.
  • Green thumb.
  • Elbow grease.
  • Restless feet.
  • Cheek by jowl.
  • Cold feet.
  • Tongue tied.
  • Achilles’ heel.
  • Weak kneed.
  • Old hand.
  • Strong-arm.
  • Spineless.
  • Head and shoulders above.
  • A leg up.
  • A bone of contention.
  • Warts and all.
  • Young blood, bad blood, blue blood.
  • Taking it on the chin.
  • Hair of the dog.
  • Vent your spleen.
  • Baby’s bottom.
  • Hand over fist.
  • Nerves of steel.
  • Sore thumb.

Not one.single.idiom about the pancreas.





  1. StephenS

    Don’t forget about “head over heels”, “twinkling eye”, and “heart stopping”. “Gutless pancreas” is kind of an oxymoron. I could go on all weekend.

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