The Worst Godmother Ever…

1401853_83250194Today is my thirty-first diaversary. I’ve already shared my story about that day and the days to come, but today, I’ll share a different story.

Happy Eleventh Birthday, Colin.

On my twentieth diaversary, the call came in from your mom that she was in labor and that I better get on over to the hospital. She and I had worked together in our twenties and without her and her sense of humor, work would have been dull and boring. She also became quite adept at recognizing my lows and highs, so she not only provided comic relief, but diabetes support too.

I was honored to be allowed into the delivery room on your special day. Diabetes was the last thing on my mind. Your beautiful face was what I wanted to see. I wished for so many happy things in your future.

Diabetes was not one of them.

Yet, the fates would not listen and I’ve been jokingly called the worst godmother ever by your mom.

Despite what anyone may tell you, I did not give you diabetes.

I prefer to think that I gave you my love of bacon and Diet Coke.

We are not related by blood, but we are, in a way. Diabetes is all about blood. Thicker than water, it makes us a family. Bound by blood.

Many of the things I wished for in your future have already come true.

You are a fighter. A charmer.

You are smart. You are a son that makes his mother proud. You are a child that makes his godmother proud.

Days with diabetes are not easy, Colin. Thank you for reminding me to find the joy in everything.

So, I’d like to think that your mom gave me the best gift anyone could get for a diaversary.


May our blood sugars be stable today as we both celebrate our lives.

Much love to you.


  1. I am typing this out to frame and save for Colin. You are, indeed, the best godmother EVER. Thanks for continually holding me up (both literally that day and figuratively all the days after). You are so very loved by every member of my family, but mostly by Colin 🙂

  2. He’s a Cool Dude:

  3. Hearts to you and hearts to Colin for your connection – definitely related by blood!!!! HUGS

  4. Awesome kid! Thanks for the video, Bennet.

    And Christel, you may have been the “Worst Godmother Ever”, but I think you’ve surely redeemed yourself…

  5. Wow Christel, that was beautifully written from the heart. No doubt Colin knows how special it is to have you as his Godmother. Another great bond!

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