She Brings Light…

When I meet people for the first time, my brain quickly does categorizations and filing. While jokes abound about my being “The Queen of Useless Information” (I kick it at trivia games and I’m a hoot at parties.), part of the reason why I rarely forget a name is because of that whole Mind Palace technique that Sherlock uses. (If you don’t watch Sherlock starring Benedict Cumberbatch, please do. It’s utterly delicious.)

I didn’t know that’s what I was doing - creating a way to remember things for later recollection. I used it when I was studying languages, creating connections and mental pathways to reach back for later. Some of those pathways have been patched over by misuse, but I know that for the most part, if I really tried, I could recall anything.


When I met her for the first time, that’s the word that sprung to mind. She is light. A shining light and airy light, both different in their connotations but describing her perfectly. And she writes a blog. And she is an advocate. And she deserves all the happiness that life will bring her.

Heather deserves my gratitude because she gave me a push without even knowing she did so. A random tweet to me weeks ago opened up my Mind Palace and her light forced a dream that I kept mostly hidden from the darkness. I’ve been working on that dream for the past few weeks (which is why I’ve been mostly incommunicado) and will be unveiling it soon.

So, thank you, Heather. For being a light.

We all need light in our life. Find yours and shine it on what you dream about…


  1. Heather Gabel

    Christel, I don’t even know what to say. Thank you for your kind words, they are so very touching. Bloggers like you got me started on this path and if I inspired you in this way, they it is only a small repayment for the love and openness I have been shone since deciding to begin writing. Thank you and I sincerely am excited to help make this dream find the light and become a reality. Cheers to you, Christel. You’re a fantastic role model. Hugs!

  2. Linda Werner

    I really enjoy your articles and look forward to reading them. I’ve had T-1 for 54 years and will be 70 this July and have handled my diabetes very well. My doctor says I’m his model patient. I’m a healthy person who happens to have diabetes. I handle it, it doesn’t handle me !

  3. Scott K. Johnson

    Oh my gooses, Heather is so incredible. We’ll have to tell you about how she and I bonded over a couple of nasty roasted chickens some day. It was a pretty epic experience for both of us I think. :-)

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