And Then There Are Days…

Girl with kiteAnd then there are days…

Where the highs aren’t too high and the lows aren’t too low.

The coffee is the right temperature for a long draw out of your favorite mug.

The sun shines and dips behind a cloud, letting you appreciate the warmth of the day.

Your favorite song that you forgot was your favorite comes on the radio.

The cartridge in your insulin pump is full and the insulin is still potent.

Lunch is delicious and healthy, when you normally get just one or the other.

You nail your bolus.

You remember your blood glucose meter when you leave the house. And strips. And glucose tabs.

You don’t need the glucose tabs.

The CGM didn’t rear its head last night. Not once.

The test results from your CDE appointment show that you are working hard at learning to dual wave bolus.

Your CDE admits that she still hasn’t gotten hers down pat either.

The thought of diabetes is distant and the thought of joy is close. 




    1. Gaz, I hope that it’s a great live chat and thanks for sending along the Tweetchat link for others to see.

      1. No thank you Christel i will be honest after what you wrote about your depression i was feeling that way my self like many do,Just give me something of good kick up the bottom with your email,So thanks for that,They also hold them weekly as in the chats and i enjoyed it but am so new twitter it was my first attempt using it lol so hay ho i did it so am bit more OOFay’ with twitter medium.

      2. Oh my did not think about the site i advertised i should of asked your permission so sorry for that

  1. I love this. It’s a nice reminder that while T1D is a big part of our lives, it’s not the ONLY part of our lives. And it’s good to cherish the good stuff when we get it!!

  2. These days are magical, in that they so often get lost by the “other” days where any of the many D or life aspects just don’t materialize the way we’d like them too. Thanks for shining some sunlight onto these happy days, and recognizing the joy we all need to embrace more.

  3. Ah, I love those days.

    (The “warmth of the day” one is the one I’m pining for right now)

  4. I love this post! Although diabetes sucks, thing’s aren’t bad 100% of the time. For our own well being, it is essential that we enjoy the moments when things are going well.

  5. Thanks for the smile!

  6. Love this. It’s a great reminder. Life with D is not all bad.

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