For My Friend

SignpostKeep breathing. Please. Keep breathing. 

One step, two steps. Stop. 

Look at the weathered signpost and decide where you need to go. Don’t ignore the signpost or think you know what it says so you don’t even look at it. It may surprise you. It may point you in a completely different direction.

This journey is not comfortable or easy and it is long. Oh, so very long. I wish I could tell you different. And your journey is not my journey. We will share the road for a little while, but you have places to go far beyond me. But before you head off…

Let the anger go. It drags on the ground behind you, bumping against your heels, slowing you down. The missteps of all our pasts lead us to where we are now, which is not a deep hole that swallows you to the bottom of the earth, but at the starting point of a new day.

It’s not like riding a bicycle. You can’t just hop on and start pedaling off into the distance. The tires are flat and the gears are rusty. Take the time to build up your strength and fix the bike you’ve been given. Paint it a beautiful color that sings to you.

One step. Two steps. Stop.

I’ll tell you a secret. We all have secrets that we keep. When you share a secret with a kindred spirit, it becomes a bond that strengthens you both and helps you move forward.

There is no respite on this journey. There is no soft cushion for a weary soul. No place to rest a weary brow or cramped feet. I’m not pointing this out to be harsh, but to tell you that you are never alone in your travels.

Lean on me. Lean on others. Remember, however, that you will one day have someone who needs to lean on you for support, so learn how to take care of yourself. I know that’s hard right now.

One step. Two steps. Stop.

A new signpost. You swear you’ve seen it before, but look more closely. Run your fingers across the wood. It is different. A different place that seems so familiar. You want to turn back to where you believe you are comfortable. I’ve been there. It’s not safe for any of us. Keep walking.

There is no final destination. No end. Just a horizon in the distance that if you raise your eyes, you will see.

It’s beautiful, that horizon. We may never reach it, but for now…

One step. Two steps. Stop. 

Keep breathing. Please. Keep breathing. 




  1. Heather Gabel

    Your writing is so beautiful, Christel. I felt like you were speaking right to me. Thank you for this. It is so universal and open. I hope that at some point in the future, you can benefit from it as much as I just did. THANK YOU for sharing.

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