HONorded To Have HONcode Certification

Wonder_Woman_186_CoverartCopious amounts of caffeine are being consumed this morning to counteract the pseudo jet lag that I feel being back on the east coast after four whirlwind days in California. Once my head arrives home, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the Medtronic Diabetes and Bayer HealthCare Third Diabetes Advocate Forum*, but for now, I’m going to just get all giddy on you for a minute. (Which is different than getting jiggy, so don’t get all awkward on me. There is no dancing in this post. Not enough caffeine and no disco ball.)

I hate charlatans and digital snake oil hawkers, who prey on the hearts of those who wish desperately for a cure or a shortcut or something to make life seem easier with diabetes. “Reverse your diabetes!” “Cure your diabetes!” “Follow my steps and buy my videos and eat this and…” When I see these types of sites and comments, my inner Wonder Woman wants to sling the Lasso of Truth around them all and make them squawk. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Lasso of Truth and they’re not selling them on Amazon, so instead, there’s the HONcode.

Health On The Net Foundation

image004The Health On the Net Foundation (HON) was founded in 1995 and is funded by the State of Geneva, several European projects, the French National Health Authority (HAS) and the Provisu foundation. They’re non-profit and non-governmental and their role on the Internet is to help protect the public from misleading health information. The HONcode certifies that what the website provides follows and upholds ethical principles when providing information.

ThePerfectD.com was given the HONcode certification on Friday, January 10, 2014. It was fitting that I was notified during the first day of the 2014 Diabetes Advocates Forum, surrounded by those who fight for accurate diabetes awareness. The application is voluntary and my website will continue to be monitored to ensure that I am following the principles set forth by the Health On The Net Foundation. (Want to see what’s involved? Click here.)

Many of my friends who advocate and provide information about diabetes have sought out the HONcode certification, so I’m joining the ranks of d-peeps like Bennet Dunlap’s YDMV.net, Kim Vlasnik’s Texting My Pancreas, Kerri Sparling’s Six Until Me, and large organizations like HealthCentral and WebMD.


“The HONcode is the oldest and most reliable code of ethics and quality for health and medical information on the Internet.” Those who have been given this certification are ceremoniously handed the Lasso of Truth, defending those who are searching for accurate information about medical conditions. I’m  honored to be given the HONcode certification and to be recognized as a site that won’t try to sell you digital snake oil.

I’d just like to know when my invisible airplane and tiara will be delivered.

*Medtronic Diabetes and Bayer HealthCare paid for my travel expenses and meals in connection with the Third Diabetes Advocate Forum where we discussed online and offline diabetes advocacy as well as Medtronic products and therapies such as MiniMed 530G with Enlite. I have received no compensation from either Medtronic or Bayer in exchange for writing this post and the opinions I am sharing are my own.

  1. Bullet-deflecting arm cuffs are in the mail.


    1. Did you get yours yet? I keep thinking that they sent mine to the wrong address…

  2. Christel… congratulations on your HON certification, though somehow I knew I could trust you all along. I’m glad you got the opportunity to go to the forum in California, and I’m looking forward to reading about it.

  3. A babe with a lasso? What is not to trust.


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