No Blessings This Holiday Season

641363_68180684Around this time, the universal voice starts counting their blessings. I blame it on the convergence of the holiday season and spirits (both in non-corporeal and corporeal, i.e. spiked eggnog form). People get all sentimental about those they love and the things they treasure most, spouting off about how fortunate they are.


Not going to to do that.

No blessings this holiday season for me.

Why would I begin to count:

  • The reason I started this blog? (And the real reason why I started this blog?)
  • The individual who took an important issue, held it up to the light, said: “Hey, this isn’t right!” and did something about it.
  • The opportunities that I’ve had to meet my very own rockstar, learn about the reality of my life on a computer screen, and speak out on behalf of people like me.
  • The connections I’ve made with some amazing individuals, the hearts that have poured themselves out, and the smiles of people I’ve grown to care for despite the distance.
  • The organizations that I’ve joined to help create a better world.
  • The happiness I feel when those I love accomplish great things, whether they be physical, mental, or emotional.
  • The peace I feel when I see things like this, knowing I’m not alone.
  • The recognition for a letter I wish I could have written thirty years ago.
  • The welcome home I received as a prodigal daughter, who left the DOC quietly a few years ago and returned to find it has grown, but still has a space for me.
  •  This person, and this person, and this unsinkable wonder of a woman. (And oh, this beautiful voice.)
  • The family in sweetened blood.
  • And the ones who keep me going.

There are no more blessings to count this holiday season, as I count them every single day. 

May you count your own blessings every day and know that you are counted by me as well.

I am rich beyond measure, the most fortunate of all, for I have you in my heart.

Whatever holiday you might be celebrating this season, may it be full of joy and happiness…and enough insulin to cover it.




  1. fifteenwaitfifteen

    YOU are most certainly counted as one of my many blessings. Thank you, thank you, thank you. A thousand times over, for all your help, all your support, all your “I get it,” all your kindred spiritedness…. thank you for just being.

  2. Scott E

    When you first started this blog, I kept asking myself “who *IS* this person, and how did she suddenly gain all this praise and such a following when she’s barely said anything?” Over time, I grew to learn the answer to that question, and am thankful to have found a second chance to get to know you. I only wonder what I missed during the era of ThePerfectD 1.0.

  3. StephenS

    Happy, Happier, Happiest of holidays to you and all of the wonderful people you’ve mentioned here. I am always grateful for the blessings you provide here and elsewhere. Thanks!

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