About Last Night…


The Kid had a temperature of 102.3 and would only sleep if I was her human teddy bear.
My father had knee replacement surgery and I ate a Clif bar for dinner waiting to see him in recovery.
I was exhausted. I muffled the Dexcom under my pillow so The Kid wouldn’t wake up.
It didn’t wake me up.
Bedtime BG: 98.
12:45a BG: 39.
A stupidly large glass of grape juice and a few cookies.
1:20a BG: 159.
Temp basal of 70% for two hours. Go back to bed.
4:38a BG: 465.
Remind myself that just 8oz. of that juice is 40g of carbs. Not going to even talk about those cookies.
In the process of rage bolusing, I run out of insulin in my pump.
The Kid wakes up and watches me refill a cartridge, dose, and drink a large (but not stupidly large) glass if water.
6:45a BG: 226.
Cup of coffee. Dose for cream.
9:14a BG: crash.

My blood glucose is now back to normal this afternoon, but I’m not.

Stress + stress + stress = the sad graph on my Dexcom.

(Dad is fine, The Kid is better, and I need a long nap.)


  1. Laddie

    That is one ugly Dexcom tracing! Hopefully the worse is over for everyone and good health will reign through the rest of the holidays. One advantage of being mostly hypo-unaware is that I don’t have those huge middle-of-the-night carb fests anymore. I still have visions of sitting at the kitchen table in a soaking wet nightgown and eating multiple bowls of Frosted Flakes….

    p.s. You’re a good mom and a good daughter and too bad diabetes got the short stick yesterday and last night.

  2. Katie

    This happened to me in the early hours of Tuesday morning. I think I ate two bowls of granola cereal, hummus, peanut butter, and of course, the milk from the cereal. Went from 45 to 390 and then finally in range by around 9 a.m. only to have my Pod fail right before a conference call at work at 9:30 a.m. It was the closest I’ve come to instant sobbing because of diabetes in a long time.

  3. StephenS

    Wow, a totally sucky day. Thanks for letting people know that we all have these days sometimes. I’m glad everything is returning to normal, whatever that is.

  4. t1dme

    That’s brutal. The effects definitely do last a long time. Back in February my numbers started to fluctuate every day. It stopped a good 3-4 weeks later. Extreme fluctuations like that make both having a hypoglycemia incident and having a hyperglycemic incident look like a cakewalk!

  5. Priya Kedlaya

    It’s always harder to take care of your own requirements when you are a mother and a daughter with family worries on your mind. Hope you are feeling better today!

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