Leaving More Than My Heart In SF (& I Heart Zofran)

I’m keeping this short and sweet today, despite my overwhelming desire to shout from the rooftops all the wonderful things that happened at the Diabetes Mine Innovation Summit.

I left my life laptop at the SFO TSA checkpoint. I had a polite private pat down and was left to gather my things… But all I could think about was not throwing up, so I was not focused on making sure I had everything.

It was found. It is being shipped to me. I do back up all of my images and video and important docs so it would not have been disastrous, except for my wallet.

I got hit by a gastro bug that I’ve since learned has been making rounds across the country. John and The Kid had it while I was gone, so they can’t blame me.

My Dexcom graph looked like a series of mountain ranges at first, then just one big, yellow line for 24 hours, no matter how much insulin I pushed.

The saving grace was Zofran. That prescription was the only thing that got me home without a single incident of the Exorcist persuasion. I travel with a bottle due to gastric delay and the nausea it causes. Thank goodness. However, I hate being in one of my favorite cities, enjoying the company of friends I haven’t seen, while picking at what was to be a great meal.

So, Diabetes Mine Innovation Summit debrief will have to wait until I can type on my laptop and not my phone. Still not feeling great, but blood glucose is back in range.

DAM is still happening. Promise to get those out. Cross my… Stomach, which is still not feeling as good as my head is about all the good things I experienced at the Summit.


  1. I promise a stomach bug does not incubate for 3 weeks, therefore, I can thankfully say we didn’t give it to you. But weird that we all had it at the same time, yes? I was exponentially better after 24 hours, but it still took a couple of days to get back to feeling “normal.” Hope everyone in your household is up and running and well again by now!!!

  2. Hope you’re feeling better soon. Those stomach things are the worst especially when traveling. So glad your laptop was found and on it’s way back to you.

  3. Just.Feel.Better.

    Can’t wait to hear about the summit.

  4. I’m so sorry you’re sick. 🙁

  5. Flying with a stomach bug? THE. WORST.
    Hope it’s all out of your system by now! Looking forward to reading about the Summit!

    1. Even better? Changing your flight to get home earlier – and the only seat left is a middle one. Yep. That was me. Zofran! Hooray!

  6. Feel better, Christel! And we can’t wait to hear your Summit wrap-up.


  7. Hope you’re feeling better by now. Beautiful city. You deserve to enjoy it!

  8. Oh man, Christel. I’m sorry. Hope you’re feeling better. That sounds absolutely miserable.

  9. […] Laptop is now home safe and I’m feeling much better, so be prepared for the avalanche of thoughts that will tumble from my brain soon. You’ve been warned. […]

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