Splashing in November…

BlueNovember is Diabetes Awareness Month and I’ve decided this year that I’m going to go all out and make a splash.

I can’t grow a mustache in November to raise funds and awareness for men’s health issues (for them, it’s Movember – pretty cool…).

I’m not going to run a 5K. (Why? See this post. And this post.) If the zombie apocalypse happened tomorrow, I’d be their appetizer. Might as well slather myself in ketchup now.

So, what should I do to raise awareness about diabetes? (I have ideas, but I’m crowdsourcing to see if you have a better idea. Most of the time, you do.)

Yes, there will be all sorts of things happening on World Diabetes Day (November 14th) and the Big Blue Test – which is totally awesome. I’m talking about the entire month. 30 days. (Hath November…) I don’t want to do just one day. We live with it 365 days a year… I’m thinking of something with a little more impact.

Do you have any suggestions? Are you planning on doing anything?

Wanna start something?

  1. I’ve always thought I should save my empty test strip bottles, make little rolled up messages to put in them and leave them in public places (like, the Starbuck’s restroom, at a checkout counter, etc.) I would call it, “Message in a Test Strip Bottle” and say educational or funny diabetes things on them. I just wonder who would actually pick them up and look inside?

  2. I’ve long had a fantasy of quitting my job and starting a franchise of ice-skating rinks (something I still think about, every now and then). For November, I’d paint the red center-ice circle blue, paint a message of advocacy in the neutral zone, and donate ad space on the boards to JDRF and the like. On the 14th, I’d run a promotion during a public skate where you pay what your blood sugar is. 90 mg/dl (cents)? What a bargain! Even $3.25 isn’t a bad deal, and will hopefully cheer up the PWD in need of a rage-bolus. It would encourage people to test and would definitely make others aware. I’d do some other stuff, too; the possibilities are endless!

    Don’t own an ice rink? Maybe you know someone who does…

  3. Isn’t there a postcard campaign happening in November? I signed up for something… I think?

    Or y’know… having your own ice rink might be cool (ha!) too.

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