No D-Day: When Music Worlds Collide

1187223_79992600I’ve mentioned before of my eclectic musical tastes, so for my “No D-Day” post (I’m not supposed to talk about diabetes, so you get to hear about things in my life that aren’t related to what usually consumes my blog…), it’s about what happens when two music worlds collide.

The Pixies

The Pixies are from Boston (Holla, homies!) and have been around since 1986 – I became a fan with their first major release, Surfer Rosa, in 1988 and have all their albums except Trompe Le Monde, which sucked. (You can’t have every hit, right? Except The Beatles.)

According to the well-written Wikipedia article about them:

“The Pixies’ musical style has been described as “an unorthodox marriage of surf music and punk rock, … characterized by Black’s bristling lyrics and hackle-raising caterwaul, Kim Deal’s whispered harmonies and waspy basslines, Joey Santiago’s fragile guitar, and the persistent flush of David Lovering’s drums.”

They liked the same music I did: David Bowie, Black Flag, Hüsker Dü, and The Beatles. They’re cool peeps and a musical tour de force.

When John and I started dating, my ring tone was set to “Here Comes Your Man”, which made me smile whenever he called. To this day, if I get a song stuck in my head, I humHey – a little ditty that has lyrics that aren’t suitable for kids, but resets my inner radio station and evicts the musical earwig.

To see The Pixies live in concert was on my bucket list, but I feared that it would be left on that ever-growing list when I kicked it. Enter the Reunion tour in 2010. John and I had a very special date night with great seats and the knowledge that I was carrying the most precious cargo inside of me. The Kid was lulled to sleep that night to one of mom’s favorite bands.

The Aquabats

And then there’s The Aquabats. Not even on my radar and probably never would be, except for a random “Hey, maybe she’ll like this children’s program on Netflix!”… and The Kid is obsessed. The Aquabats! Super Show! is not for toddlers, but that doesn’t stop her from demanding it all.the.time. (Don’t judge me on her TV watching. The Kid ate all organic made by me from scratch until she was thirteen months old. I had to slide on something. And everything else she watches is PBS.)

They’ve also been around forever, starting as a West Coast ragtag ska band with huge lineups changing with every gig. If you like The Mighty Mighty Bosstones or Bim Skala Bim (again, holla Boston homies!) , you’d like their early stuff. Down to five members now, they’re more punk/New Wave. But they’ve almost always dressed up as super heroes, singing funny songs with comedic skits at their live shows. The frontman is also the creator of Yo Gabba Gabba! (another favorite in the house).

It’s unlikely that I’ll ever put seeing them live on my bucket list, but they’re growing on me, especially because of this moment:

The Collision

In the middle of watching the first episode of The Aquabats! Super Show!’s second season, I realize that the frontman (who calls himself MC Bat Commander) is only speaking in…

Pixies lyrics.



  1. I love being introduced to eclectic music! I heard “Back against the wall” by Cage the Elephant on the way to work this morning, and I thought of you and wondered if you liked them.

    1. Yup. “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked” was my theme song for a while…

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