Tally Ho! Tally Gear!

Accessorizing with diabetes is a bitch.

In the Diabetes Dark Ages, I carried a backpack to keep me alive.  Heavy meter, opened rolls of Butterscotch and Five Flavor LifeSavers©, insulin, syringes… I envied the girls who slid lipgloss into their back pocket and sauntered off. Backpacks are not sexy, but at least I could wear things without wondering where to put my pump.

In my twenties and thirties, I carried a very large purse, a.k.a. the “war bag”. My meter was smaller, glucose tabs replaced the Butterscotch LifeSavers© (yum…),  but extra pump supplies took up the space where vials of insulin and syringes used to be. I got creative with pump placement when I wore dresses and skirts. My bra was a popular hangout (pun intended, but as you know, it was a pretty empty place) and I used a Thigh Thing on special occasions.

I haven’t been able to step outside my door with a tiny clutch purse and slinky skintight dress in years  ever. I’m over it for the most part, and these days, it’s rare that I have a reason to get dolled up. I live in jeans and T-shirts with no desire to hide my diabetes or the accessories that come with it.

A few months ago, I purchased a few Dexcom G4 cases from Tallygear.com, because the case that came from the company was..nerdy. (Like, why didn’t it have a pocket protector and glasses with tape in the box with the G4?)

All of a sudden, accessorizing became cool. Donna, the CEO of Tallygear, understands the need to be cool, as her daughter is also a Type 1. Colors, patterns, and ways to wear your gear without looking like rejected extras in Revenge of The Nerds is her goal with all the options her company offers.

This is a TummieTote 2.  This is not my tummy.

This is a TummieTote 2.
This is not my tummy.

Donna sent me a gratis new Tummietote 2 band a few weeks back to see if I would like it. I tried it on and wore it around the house, feeling… weird. I’ve been so used to checking my Dexcom using the case that I had purchased that even though you can get the new TummieTotes have clear windows, it was a little awkward for me.

And then it was time to go to bed.

I’m a restless sleeper. On the best nights, I toss and turn, thanks to my back and my shoulder and my inability to soothe my racing thoughts or the beep of my Dexcom. My pump’s tubing wraps around me if it’s not clipped to clothing, and there have been nights that have not gone well despite my best efforts.

The Tummietote is heaven around my hips.

Slip my pump into the stretchy pockets and I don’t pull at my tubing. When I get up in the middle of the night because The Kid has decided that’s she’s slept enough (4am? Are you kidding?), the pump doesn’t crash to the floor as I roll out of bed. My set doesn’t get ripped out.

I love it.

I still keep my Dexcom next to me in the case with the carabiner for now, but it may find it’s way into one of the many pockets. I can see how sporty people (of which I am not one) would totally sport (yes, another pun - it’s two for one Tuesday!) a Tummietote with clear windows. The extra pockets could hold glucose tabs and even a phone.

With companies like Tallygear showing the world that accessorizing with diabetes is fashionable, I’m surprised that more people aren’t clamoring to get it. (A Tummietote, yo. Not diabetes. That’s an exclusive accessory. Functioning pancreas not included.)

This is an unsolicited review. My opinions and ideas are all my own, but feel free to try out my idea of sleeping with a TummieTote. Donna did send me a free Tummietote 2 and an extra G4 case to see if I would like them. I do. I’m buying more accessories from Tallygear. They’re like black boots and the eight pairs of prescription glasses I own. Can’t have too many.




  1. The Grammar Belle

    One the way home from the hospital after diagnosis, we stopped by one of our favorite stores so my daughter could pick out a brand new, special Vera Bradley bag for all her new necessities. We call it her “d bag.” :)

  2. richard157

    Christel, you have a flare for writing in an interesting and humorous way. Will you teach me how to do that? Please? ;) Why else would I have read a blog about tummy totes? It made me smile, and chuckle. My blogs are too dry and not interesting like yours. UGH!

    BTW, Diabetes Dark Ages?….are you kidding? Unless you were diagnosed in the 1940s like me, you are not even close to that era. HAHA!

    • theperfectd

      Richard, Didn’t you wear a toga (along with those leather pants?) - you were before the Diabetes Dark Ages. :)
      Thank you so much for reading my blog. I am so, so honored.

      • richard157

        I do wear an impressive red and black robe in the morning. Never thought of it as a toga, but I will now. I love your writing skills, and so your blog is one of my favorites.

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