Happy facePsssttt…

Gots you a Twitter account?

Gots you a few minutes after 8pm Eastern tonight?

I gots you a good deal.

StripSafely needs your help. We’re having a StripSafely Tweet-In, asking Congress to send aides to the September 9th Diabetes Technology Meeting about test strip accuracy. If congressional aides don’t go, it will still be an excellent meeting, but Congress won’t know what needs to happen. And that would make a lot of people (O.K., me) make the sad face all the time. It’s not a pretty sad face. Huckleberry Hound mixed with Dogbert. Ruminate on that image for a while. When you’re done shivering, I’m here. Currently with happy face.

Where was I? Oh, yes…

So, here’s where you come in.

Take your Twitter account and put it to work tonight. (It’s not like it had better plans, right? It was just going to clean out the fridge or rearrange the sock drawer.)

You don’t even need to be creative, because once you head on over to’s Let’s Tweet page, all you have to do is find your state and click the links next to your Senators and representative - the tweet is premade for you! (How’s that for service?) Don’t forget to tweet to the Congressional Leadership - we can all do that, regardless of the state in which we live. (Denial is not a state. Neither is Frenzy. I have yet to find them on a U.S. map.)

You can also use your Twitter account for good (not evil) by retweeting and tweeting information about #stripsafely and helping out.

Look, even if you don’t have diabetes, this can help those who do. We’re just as cute as puppies or pandas or bunny rabbits. We need your support. We need you. We need happy faces. (Don’t think about Huckleberry Dogbert…)

Please? ::bats eyelashes::

Thank you. See you on Twitter at 8pm Eastern tonight. Spread the word. Share with your friends. Let’s light this up.



  1. Scott E

    Sounds like a good deal! I doubt I’ll be in front of a PC at 8:00, but hopefully the StripSafely site will let me tweet via my phone! I’ll definitely try!

    (By the way, New Jersey’s legendary Sen. Frank Lautenberg, who you have listed, passed away recently — I don’t know if tweeting him will do too much good. There’s someone in the seat on an interim basis right now and I wish I could remember his name, but we won’t have a full-time replacement until a special election in October — and that FT replacement, one of two high-profile candidates, will not be the interim guy. Hopefully someone can find out who’s there now … maybe he even has a Twitter account.)

    Thanks for all the efforts you guys are putting towards this campaign. I have good feelings that it will enact real change…

  2. Bennet Dunlap

    Huckleberry Hound for the win!

    Thanks see you at 8:00! Lets Trend! (I have no idea how to know what it trending, because I am old enough to know who Huckleberry Hound is… but let’s trend anyway!)

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