Fab Five Fridays: Weapon of Choice Edition…

The song Weapon of Choice by Fatboy Slim has been stuck in my head for days, so I’m passing it on to you, along with my diabetes management weapons of choice.

1. Accu-Chek® Multiclix Lancet Device - I’ve shunned all other lancet devices, because this one is the least painful of all that I’ve ever tried. (Mine is blue. Go blue for diabetes awareness!) It doesn’t matter if you have fingers that are as smooth as a baby’s bottom or as tough as a long-haul trucker’s bottom… there’s a lancet setting that will draw blood without you squinching up your nose and holding your breath before you push the button.

It uses a drum system, unlike the lancet devices that I used a long time ago (and some not so long ago…) where you have to pull the protective cap off the lancet after putting it in the device. It’s cleaner to use and did I mention… it doesn’t hurt much. (I won’t lie and say it’s painless. Don’t you hate those advertisements you see on TV saying that? I’m going to find the marketing genius who came up with that fallacy and have them use a lancet 15 times in one day. “Hurt yet? No? Again.”)

I did have a chance to try the Fastclix device from Accu-Chek® recently and here’s the fatal flaw. It doesn’t require you to “cock the trigger” like the Multiclix, so it’s one push and you get blood. Sounds like a no brainer, right? Why would you want a two-step process? Answer: When your toddler gets her hands on it and pretends to be like mommy, she doesn’t get a pretend prick. We were both pretty surprised.

2. Pumping Insulin: Everything You Need to Succeed on an Insulin Pump - by John Walsh. It’s been updated over the years, but it’s the first book I had about pumping and it’s been my go-to book when I’ve had to do adjustments. I don’t know everything about pumping, so this is a great resource to have on my bookshelf. (And another good book to have? Think Like a Pancreas: A Practical Guide to Managing Diabetes with Insulin by Gary Scheiner. That’s on my Kindle so I can read it anywhere…)

3. True2Go Blood Glucose System - This little 10 strip system has saved my bottom (which is neither a baby’s nor a long-haul trucker’s) more than once. I’ve been stuck out in the wild without my meter (or run out of strips while on vacation) and I’ve picked one of these up at the closest major pharmacy. The kit comes with a lancet device and ten strips, so you’ll be able to do the deed. I now keep one in my car glove compartment just in case. This is an ideal “throw in a go bag” item.

4. BIOFREEZE Pain Relieving Gel - This stuff is the bomb. Yes, it’s not particularly a “diabetes weapon of choice”, but for those of us who can’t use acetaminophen because we use a Dexcom (it makes the Dex go all wonky), this is an amazing thing. I’ve been using it for years for my muscular aches and pains (of which I have many, as you know) and while it doesn’t make you smell fresh as a daisy, it does work wonders. So, if you have a muscular ache (say, from running in that marathon or, more realistically, down the block), this is what you want to use. Best of all? It comes in a roll on. Better than Ben-Gay. Totally.

5. FRIO Insulin Cooling Pump Wallet - I have a pump and have learned the sad lesson of skunking insulin after just two hours at the beach (even with putting my pump in a lunch cooler). FRIO has all sorts of configurations and I’ll most likely get one for my emergency bag that I’m putting together for my insulin…). This keeps your insulin pump cool while you’re getting hot (and supposedly vice versa on the ski slopes).

That’s a peek into my weapons arsenal for this week. What’s YOUR weapon of choice?

Take the time to watch this video for Weapon of Choice. Christopher Walken is a bad ass and this proves it. Gah.


  1. Bennet Dunlap

    I love the Tru2Go for teens learning to drive.
    I put them on the key chain, they drive - they take a meter.
    No discussion - non negotiable.
    I also put one of the little plastic gluco-tab 4 pack thing-a-ma-do-bobs on there.
    I check and keep both filled and since I regularly refill they must be getting used.

  2. fifteenwaitfifteen

    Awesome info - thanks!~note to self…get a coupleTrue2Go’s and put in my car and my husband’s. Would have saved me the other night when I restarted my CGM site, was out at dinner when I needed to calibrate, only to find I had restocked my fingerstick glucose meter case with a drum of USED test strips instead of new ones. FAIL.

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