We Are All Made Of Stars…

FFL BraceletsAt most conferences, you have opportunities to meet famous people and CWD’s Friends For Life was no exception. Crystal Bowersox, Kris Freeman, Jay Hewitt, Will Cross (and many more!) were all on hand to pose for pictures and provided inspiration to the kids at the conference. From climbing Everest to being a finalist on American Idol, they’ve all reached new heights with Type 1 diabetes. They are stars.

Not all of us are gifted with golden throats or strong physiques. It’s the roll of the genetic dice and a lot of hard work that got them to where they are today. They are raised up as aspirational examples of what Type 1 kids (or all kids) could become, but I’m here to tell you what I know:

We are all made of stars. 

  • The child who inserted her first insertion set on her own - star.
  • The father who gets up in the middle of the night for blood sugar checks - star.
  • The sibling who carries glucose tabs in his backpack “just in case” - star.
  • The mother who comforts the parents of a newly diagnosed T1 - star.
  • The teenager who realizes that skipping shots doesn’t help in the long run - star.
  • The researcher who refuses to give up until we have a cure - star.
  • The stranger who hands over test strips to someone because they’re out - star.
  • The nurse who talks to a patient as a person and not as a number - star.
  • The doctor who doesn’t judge, but rather assesses and finds a way to make it better - star.
  • The person who says: “I understand.” to you and truly does - star.

A single star, however bright it is, will not light up the night sky.

But we, as a community, together shine so brightly, because we are all made of stars.


  1. Mike Hoskins

    What an outstanding post, Christel. You are truly awesome, and this post is… whatever word you love the most.
    Oh, and I bet some of those stars do where Leather Pants… or, at least wear their diabetes devices in leather cases. Total rockstars, see? :)
    Thanks for writing this.

  2. Bennet Dunlap

    I think the vast number of T1 stars at FFL has an interesting ability to pull the those who shine outside the world diabetes space, those in your opening, into the diabetes universe where they still shine with but no brighter than the first set, self injected shots and all other brilliant T1 stars. It is fascinating to see them become peers.

  3. Melissa Lee

    What a beautiful message. Thanks. Couldn’t help but think of Carl Sagan: “The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff.” I’d rather be made of starstuff than sugarystuffs. ;)

  4. fifteenwaitfifteen

    I am honored and thankful that you & so many other wonderful d-friends are in my universe of stars!!

  5. Ilana

    True! And, as the old adage about stars goes, due to the contrast, a star only shines brighter the darker its surroundings get.

  6. momof2t1s

    I love this and I love all the comments. i don’t want to play favorites but I like Sara’s comment best. I remember your *first post that Scott shared on twitter sometime in last 6 months or so. I was like - who is this rockstar - is she new? And scott was like - no not new - just absent but the protical daughter has returned (Im paraphrasing). Thank goodness cus I just LOOOOVVVVEEEE you.
    By the by - read this yesterday during #dblogcheck but couldn’t comment on my phone.

  7. StephenS

    How the eff did I miss this on Monday? My apologies. I’ll try to make up for it by reading it over and over again whenever I need inspiration. Thank You.

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  9. Sandy

    Thanks for the inspiring post!! Just found ur blog & feel in love at first sight!!! As a newly diagnosed T1D in middle age, I’m finding the DOC & esp the blogs very inspirational as well as educational!! Thank you for all u do!!!!! Keep up the good work & congrats on getting ur A1c down to 7!!!! I’m working on that!!

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