Fab Five Fridays: Who Are You Wearing?

Runway, schmunway.
Runway, schmunway.

Hey, look! It’s Saturday! Things went a little haywire yesterday and I forgot to push a button to publish this post. Whoops. Day late, dollar I’m short.

It’s summer. It’s hot. I’ve been having issues with things that are supposed to stick to my body not sticking (and of course, the opposite.) This week, I’ll be sharing what we can wear to help our pump/CGM accessories (and all of our gear) stay where they are supposed to stay. So, instead of strutting on a runway, this is what you’ll get from me this week… Cue the music!

1. Just stay down, will ya?

Call it what you want. A flip-flap. A curl-up. A peel-away. When my Dexcom G4 sensor doesn’t want to stay on my body and the adhesive starts to come up, I’m afraid to shower because I’m afraid the sensor will stop working if it gets wet underneath. (You want me to shower. Remember, I sweat a lot for a thin girl.) I see a lot of my friends having the same problem this summer with the heat reaching record temperatures), so I look to their recommendations for what’s going to work. I used to use surgical tape, IV Prep wipes, and even Smith & Nephew IV 3000 1-Hand Transparent Dressings (which rock but I use way too many at once), but I’m off to try this stuff: Opsite Flexifix . Kerri uses it and that’s good enough for me.

2. I can’t pronounce it, but I love using it!

Carabiner. I have a thing for funny words, and for some reason, this one is giggle-inducing. (Ask me to say Oberammergau. I’ll entertain myself quietly mumbling in a corner and snorting while I let the vowels roll around in my mouth. It’s the linguist in me that gets all crazy about words.) Anyway…

The Dexcom G4 is great, except for one thing: the case that comes with it. Nothing screams “pocket protector nerd” like the stiff unfriendly case that arrives in the box with the übercool CGM. So, I was thrilled when I learned of Tally Gear and their G4 cases that scream “NOT pocket protector nerd”. The Tally Gear G4 Platinum Protective Case comes in seventy different design/color choices (yes, I bought two boring color ones, but I’m planning on buying more!) and has a belt loop and a carabiner. That little metal clip attaches to my belt, my bra strap, my underwear… yep. If you don’t know about Tally Gear, then go to their website. (They also have Tummitotes that are cool if you have extra stuff to carry…)

3. TWhen youhey’ve been around forever – and by forever, I mean since I’ve started wearing an insulin pump in 1999: Unique Accessories, Inc. (Unfortunately, their website also looks like it’s from 1999, but don’t hold that against them…)

When I got married (the first time AND the second time), I wore the Leg Thing purchased on their website. (It comes in white and in black – I have both.) I wear the Leg Thing when the dresses I put on have no place to discretely tuck my pump into a bra. (As if I need a bra anyway.) With the clip attaching to my underwear and the Leg Thing stretched around my thigh, the pump is there and not going anyplace. Yeah, you guys may not need it (unless you’re wearing a kilt or like dressing in women’s clothing), but for women, I highly recommend it.

4. Pump bling is in.

Whether you’re wearing a Medtronic, Animas, or Omnipod, there are skins/stickers to make the pump uniquely yours. My Revel pump is boring black, purchased back when I worked and wanted to keep the chatter about my pump to a minimum during board meetings and trade shows. Now that I work for a toddler, I’m looking to jazz it up a bit.

5. I can’t wear them anymore, but I totally support them in this color.

The Blue Heel Society.

I miss wearing heels (my mind says yes!yes!yes! – but my back says nowayinhell!). This group is all about advocacy with panache and I love them for it. Need I say more? Nope.

So, no matter who you’re wearing, wear it proud – and in many cases, sticky!

  1. Good post covering a lot of information.

    Before putting on my G4 sensor, I take off the paper and generously paint the sticky surface of the sensor with SkinTac. (I stay away from the middle area where the sensor wire will go.) I let it dry and then attach my sensor. If the edges start to peel up after a week-10 days, I use a Q-tip to paint some more SkinTac around the edges. Opsite Flexifix is great, but when I use arm sites, I can’t one-handed coordinate attaching the Flexifix even when I cut it in strips. Plus it covers a larger area on my arm and is pretty ugly. The danger of SkinTac is that if you knock over the bottle, I think you would ruin your bathroom counter.

    So if you continue to struggle with Poor Dex adhesive, consider giving this technique a try. It has worked very well for me.

    1. Thanks! I have also only done one arm insertion; with my bum shoulder, it gets dicey. I’ll try the SkinTac!

      1. You have a bum shoulder, too? I swear, we are living parallel lives…..

  2. I LOVE the flexifix tape. Love it. Also love the SkinTac, and have had the pleasure of spilling my bottle (they also come in pads/wipes). It was pretty much a disaster. I was thankful it was on the inside of my medical stuff drawer, which is still, to this day, covered with remnants of paper towels.

    1. Scott – sorry, I laughed a little too much at your sticky pain. I scream like a banshee if my older allows her skintac wipe touch the table.

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