Everybody Limbo…

HarrowhellI’ve got Dante’s Divine Comedy, Salt-N-Pepa, a few dance steps, AND Chris Farley/Phil Hartman in this post. No need to thank me. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. Or you can get up and dance with me. 

I’ve been under some stress lately.

When I say “some”, I mean a lot. I’m not going to quantify it (as if I could), nor will I have a pissing contest with anyone else about who has more stress in one’s life. (When it comes to pissing contests, diabetics always win. We can drink way more water and pee way more than most.)

Everyone deals with stress differently and I’m not dealing with it quite as well as I normally would.

I’m physically in another state now (mentally…another universe), bunking down with my brother, sister-in-law and adorable five-year-old niece (who can run mental circles around me any day of the week). They are all saints for opening their home for me and the munchkin while we are looking for a new place to live. (And John? Saint himself for spending as much time with us when he’s not at work and then driving back to his own brother’s house at night because there isn’t enough room…)

The house we currently own (in another state) is in contract Purgatory. If Dante wrote about contracts, he’d put them in a circle of hell (A lower circle, but hell none the less.), awaiting the due diligence period to end. In our state, sellers should be given a large sheet of bubble wrap to keep them distracted and an unending supply of Xanax. It turns out that between the time we purchased the house and now, real estate laws have significantly changed in favor of the buyer. As in: even though we have a signed contract and a deposit, if the buyer decided tomorrow that the color of the sky wasn’t the right shade of blue, the contract can be voided and money returned without having to give a reason. I wish I was kidding.

The buyer wants to close in, oh…. 24 days from now. Cool, right? But we have to have a place to live and put our stuff in 24 days. In another state. Without knowing for sure that the color of the sky won’t change, we are in Limbo. (Which is actually a circle of hell according to Dante; the first circle. So, I’m putting us there with the fun pagans who obviously like dancing the… “Everybody Limbo!”)

We’ve been looking at houses and even found one we want (which is tough to do in the are we want to live in), but what happens if we enter into a contract and then our buyer…See where I am going? So, with the gracefulness of a flat-footed elephant, I’ve been trying to dance with agents on all sides to make sure we don’t end up owning two houses. If I can’t get a conga line going soon, we’ll lose the offer on the new place.

But I still have to find a house, because if the stars don’t all align and this doesn’t happen, we can’t live in a van down by the river.

On top of it all, new insurance cards haven’t come in the mail yet (or maybe they have, except my mail is on hold because we are in another state), I need to get appointments to see doctors soon, and my blood sugars have been doing their own versions of the limbo if you’ve seen my Dexcom. (“How low can you go?” was replaced last week with: “Pump up the basal, pump it, pump it….” Salt N Pepa’s version of the limbo song.) Medically, there’s a lot going on, but let’s just keep it at… diabetes is not helping.

I’m told that dancing can help alleviate stress. So, I’m just going to close my eyes, put on some music, and keep limboing until I can’t anymore.

(Promise I’ll be back to my normal chirpy chipper self soon. I am normally that way, right? Right? RIGHT?????)


  1. Well, part of the purpose of the whole diabetes online community is to tell you you’re not alone. So while I can’t find you a place to live (unless you want to crash in a sort-of stranger’s basement in Jersey…), let me tell you a story.

    About this time in 2010, our house on Long Island was on the market. My wife’s company was moving, and we were going too. Granted, it’s not THAT far, but when you’ve got New York City in between, the commute can be quite lengthy and expensive. Anyway, we sold the house – because in the market where everyone’s selling and nobody’s buying, you pounce on any reasonable offer you get. I won’t go into details but we — my wife, and my then 3-1/2 year old son, and I — subletted a one bedroom apartment in Manhattan for a month, then we lived in one of those Extended Stay hotels for two months. (Good news: no mortgage or property tax! We also racked up quite a few hotel loyalty-rewards points).

    We had already sold our house (the move-out day was delayed a couple months, lucky for us) and didn’t have our next home identified. Despite what I said about reasonable sellers pouncing on reasonable offers, the ones we found were too “proud” to sell for what fair-market-value had become, so that hotel stay could’ve become home for a long time. We had no idea. But eventually, in November, the sellers of a house we made an offer on in May came back with a counteroffer, and we were able to reach an agreement and we moved in on December 1st.

    I understand the anxiety and fear of not knowing where or when your family will find a home. The good news is that you’ve got extended family to rely on, and you’ll get through this…

  2. oh the pain, the stress, the frustration – i remember all too well. Just under a year ago I was right there with you – except that my pancreas is still employed – although i believe the stress was effecting the kids who’s pancreases are on permanent hiatus.
    It’s true so many laws have changed that now the cards are nearly always in the hands of the buyers. Works well if you are the buyer – not so much if your the seller.
    Perhaps you could consider using the PODs – no not that kind of Pod. The ones that you put all your stuff in and they store it and then ship it all to you. When we left tX we left the house empty with no offer. All our stuff was shipped off to storage. We had an offer on a home here in CA but no move in date.
    Im very glad you have family to stay with even though it can be an entirely new level of stress because if you are like me you hate imposing. Im also very glad you are able to be with your hubby for a good deal of time.
    I hope you get the house you want and the dates can line up well so its a smooth move.
    I hope diabetes begins behaving better too.
    Until you are all settled in and the biggest stresser involves hanging pictures – hugs.

  3. Ugh, so sorry to hear of the housing limbo – we have several friends in the same boat. We will cross our fingers, eyes, toes, etc and hope the stars and planets align to where it all works out soon for you! <>

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