Gimme Some Sugar…

Diabetes Blog Week ButtonDiabetes Blog Week has been a wonderful experience for me. I’ve read new diabetes blogs (and still have more to read) and I’m bowled over by a few things:

  • The DOC is very funny. (Is it something in the insulin or perhaps just being around us?)
  • None of our experiences are exactly the same, but the underlying sentiments connect us. We all feel overwhelmed and frustrated, but we also know that we’re kicking ass, too. (Thursday’s prompt was a great reminder of that!)
  • We’ve come a long way since 2005, when the DOC first started to spread our wings.

So, I present to you a few of the bloggers that I’ll be following from now on and the posts (just click on them and they’ll go straight to the post) that made an impact. And when I say to give them some sugar, I’m talking love, not something to bolus for…:

Bigfootchildhavediabetes – I’m not a mom of a Type 1, but I am a mom. Some of what she says made me laugh so hard that I cried.

Rolling in the D – I’ve been reading Scott’s blog for a while and this post had me smiling despite the horrible low he had. If you haven’t read his blog, you need to. Smart guy. Makes me think long and hard about things that I should have long ago.

Fifteen Wait Fifteen – She started her blog this week. I’m already hooked. (And her baby? Ohhhh… that picture…) Head on over and say hello.

It’s the last day of Diabetes Blog Week 2013 and the end of a very crazy week in my house. I’m flying solo for a while with LaBean (which is what we called her when we didn’t know what to call her), because John is off to start a new job in another state as we attempt to move closer to our family. The two of us are staying here until the house sells, so please send good mojo my way. (Or chocolate, if you don’t have any mojo to spare.)


  1. Honestly, Christel. Between “Bertucci’s Satanic Pizza” and “Xena, the Warrior Schnauzer”, I have no business being included in the company of these two talented writers.

    But sincerely, thank you.

    1. I swear you both are psychic – how did you know that I also was going to post about YOU guys for today’s topic? It’s like, we are diabetes-twins-triplets or something 🙂

  2. Great recommendations, Christel! I love those guys, too.

    And I’m sending you all of the good mojo and chocolate vibes that I have. 🙂

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