Be A Couch Potato And Help Diabetes Hands Foundation…

PotatoBe a couch potato for about fifteen minutes.

(Yes, I can hear you, and no, I don’t think you’ve been a couch potato for a lot longer than fifteen minutes.)

It takes fifteen minutes to watch the video, Strength In Numbers, a documentary starring Elizabeth Perkins (You know her. The “love interest” of Tom Hanks in Big? She played Celia Hodes in Weeds? You know her.) and some very brave people with Type 1 diabetes.

You’re asking: “What do I get for being a couch potato for fifteen minutes?”

My original smarty-pants answer was: “Nothing!”

My new (and much more mature) answer is this: “A better understanding of what Type 1 diabetes is and who it impacts and just by watching it, you’ll add to the number of views it will take to double a sponsorship to Diabetes Hands Foundation from Sanofi US. (They gave DHF $10K, but they’ll donate $20K if there are 10,000 online views.).”

So, wadda ya say? Please? Watch it.

Here’s the link to the video: Diabetes Co-Stars

You may think it means nothing, but for those who are helped by Diabetes Hands Foundation, it can mean everything. More support. More programs. More help.

And if you post in my comments that you watched the video because you read this blog post, I’ll send you a personal email thank you while I’m sitting on the couch being a potato. ‘Cause I’m feeling warm and fuzzy. (Capitalize on this limited time offer. I’m not warm and fuzzy often.)

Warm is good for potatoes. Fuzzy is not. (You can use that little piece of wisdom anytime you want. Gratis.)

  1. And now I’m crying. Great video!

  2. Thank you for helping to spread the word. I really enjoyed watching this, and I can’t wait to watch this project evolve. I also love the fact that many are being helped through DHF.

  3. I have a Julio but his name is Myke (my husband of 30 years) and he is my allstar co-star. I absolutely cannot imagine wading, dog paddling, & sometimes almost drowning thru this new life of T1 (diagnosed last Aug at age 52) without him. Thanks for the link!

  4. BTW…I love ur blog!!!!! I saw Elizabeth Perkins’ video & the other diabetes costarts last week. Can’t wait to see how this project progresses. Keep up the good work-both caring for u & ur diabetes AND writing this blog!!!! Happy Thursday!!!

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