Diabetes Hope Conference

986801_75906617I’m giving a shout out today to the Diabetes Hope Conference.

I can’t travel right now, you say? Too expensive to attend, you say?

It’s virtual, I say. It’s free, I say.

The Diabetes Hope Conference will be held online on Tuesday, May 21, 2013 from 12 to 3pm Eastern. (I’m East Coast, peeps. You can probably do the math better than I can for your local time.) You’ve got to register for it, but it’s easy to do with a few clicks.  (If you’re on Google+, you can RSVP for the event here.)

Some prominent DOCers will be talking about complications – especially diabetic peripheral neuropathy – and social media. How DO we talk about complications with others online (or even in person)? It’s not a happy-go-lucky subject, but for anyone who deals with complications from diabetes, it’s necessary. It’s amazing what happens when you share your fears; you find that you’re not alone in feeling that way and sometimes, you even learn of new treatments and tips that can help.

Join my sweet friends (pun is totally intended) Scott Johnson, Kerri Sparling, George Simmons, Manny Hernandez, Mike Lawson, and more at the Diabetes Hope Conference on May 21st… I’ll be there. (In my bunny slippers in front of my laptop, thanking the universe that I don’t have to deal with TSA or the guy who smells like hoagies and old sweat socks in the airplane seat next to me.)

*The event is being organized by Metanx. I don’t know the company at all, but it claims to provides the distinct nutritional requirements needed by diabetes patients to restore the metabolic processes associated with diabetic peripheral neuropathy. As always, I am not being paid to promote this event or companies and products associated with the event. I’m going for the information, not the swag, which is hard to get when you’re virtual, right? 




  1. Looks like a great lineup on such an important topic, and I’m looking forward to tuning in! Oh, and maybe we should get a little TSA action figure to put on our desks, just to make the experience “more real” and like we’re really there. 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing, Christel! We are very excited, and have been working on this for a long time.

    We hope that this is the first of many, and that we’re able to keep improving them. We think there’s a big need to get these discussions going and help people get rid of the unnecessary feelings of guilt and shame so often associated with complications.

    Thanks again, I appreciate your support!

  3. Bummer that it’s during the workday!

    1. I wonder if it will be recorded so that those who can’t attend can still reap the benefits? We can ask…

    2. I know – I’m sorry about that.

      We are using Google Hangouts, so it will all be recorded and available via YouTube.

      1. Hooray! Katie, you’ve got your answer!

  4. […] from participants via Twitter… use the hashtag #dHopeConf. If you’re not available then, I’ve found out that it will be recorded and available later via YouTube. Panelists will include (are you ready for this?): Manny Hernandez, Emily Coles, Mike Lawson, Dr. […]

  5. Metanx sounds like what you could yell when you’re going super hypo.
    Your conference sounds great!!!

  6. Sounds great! Can people outside the US tune in?

    1. Absolutely! That’s the great thing about the Internet! When you sign up, you’ll get information on how to access the conference.

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