There Are Days…

The title of this image is "Angry Mop". And it's exactly how I feel today. This low wiped the floor with me.
The title of this image is “Angry Mop”. And it’s exactly how I feel today. This low wiped the floor with me.

There are days when I feel I can take on the world and win.

This is not one of those days.

My blood sugars are fine today. A beautiful straight line on my Dexcom mocks me. “Hey, you’re stable, but you feel horrible. Ha ha!”

I had a minor low last night. My CGM perked up around 2am to alert me of a “70 and dropping” scenario, so I dragged myself out of a warm cocoon, navigating the living room minefield of Legos and things that make noise if you step on them to grab a juice box out of the fridge. A half-hour later, I’m trending up and went back down…to sleep.

I feel like I’ve never woken up, even though it’s mid-afternoon. I’ve got the “hit by a Mac Truck” post hypo blues and it’s really bothering me today. It’s not as if it was a severe low blood sugar. I caught it well before it got into the danger zone. I’m nauseous and tired and dizzy…but yet I know it’s not a “normal sick”, so I can rule that out. It makes me angry that even when I treat my hypoglycemic reactions responsibly (I didn’t “eat all the things!”…), I end up paying for it.

So instead of feeling like I can take on the world, I am focusing on taking on myself.

And I’m losing.

Do you ever feel like this?

  1. Very often and especially lately! I’ve had 3 severe lows in the past 5 days so I’m a walking zombie!

  2. Sorry you’re feeling that way, Christel. Been there so many times myself. And those ones that don’t follow severe highs or lows are the worst – almost seems like I can’t justify feeling that way, that it’s not justified. Anyhow. Hope it balances out on your end soon! Good vibes your way.

  3. I got some unusual episodes of nausea and dizziness last month. I’ve never thought about my lows causing this. I’ll be more attentive. Take care.

  4. Had a somewhat similar feeling this AM. Woke around 4 a.m. with a mid-60 BG and treated responsibly. Morning BG was 130, however, my mouth tasted disgusting and I had a headache. What gives?

  5. That sucks. I think it’d be easier to tolerate if you did “eat all the things” to treat that low. It’s no fair to play by the rules and still feel so yucky.

    BTW – the image you have for this post is hilarious! Makes me think of a Star Wars droid. 🙂

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