HAWMC Day 28: Fo-Lo-Lo-Lo-Low

Day 28

Wego Health’s prompt today is: Create a “must follow list” for a single social media network, offering up five people in your community. So, here’s my Fo-Lo-Lo-Lo-Low list. (I know it’s not close to Christmas, but…sing away.)

Twitter, as I’ve said before, is chock-a-lock full of interesting diabetes tidbits and people who share those tidbits. If you’re not a Twitter aficionado, I’m going to give you who I think you should check out. Even if you don’t have a Twitter account, you can see what sweety tweety goodness that someone has to offer by putting their twitter handle into Google (don’t forget the @).

For instance, if you type @theperfectdblog into Google’s search bar, the first result is my Twitter page, which lists all of my tweets. (Or you can follow me on Twitter ::hint hint::.)

Circle of PeepsI follow these people on Twitter because they either give great links, great comfort, or great interaction. Check them out:

@diabetesmine – Got to say, I love these peeps for their great articles and insights about diabetes, whether it be research or the DOC. Founded by Amy Tenderich with contributors I adore like Wil DuBois and Mike Hoskins, it’s a good resource.

@Colcalli – Lorraine is a D-Mom of T1 superstar Caleb and a DOC blogger at www.thisiscaleb.com. As a former child T1 who was almost a teen when I was diagnosed, I’d never really spent a lot of time thinking about a parent’s perspective on diabetes. Lorraine has changed that and I’m trilled that I found her.

@CureT1Diabetes – Ellen has the pulse on what I want to read. I’ve gotten such great links from her tweets that I’ve had to limit myself to choosing just a few at a time or I’d never get things done. She is also a mom of a T1 and a tireless advocate.

@CGMBDiabetesDuo – It’s Captain Glucose and Meter Boy for the win. They are my giggles for the day and should be for yours as well!

@Strangely_T1 – Scott’s a T1 with great links and even better insight. Seriously, follow this dude.

There are more…many many more. If you follow me, you can pilfer my list of d-peeps. Please do!


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