Calling Dr. Moses…

Are you a T1 female living in the University of Virginia Center for Diabetes Technology area (Charlottesville) who wants to help with a clinical study? If so, read on… (And if not, then you can still read on…)

This study is recruiting participants:

Development of an Advisory System for Glycemic Control During the Menstrual Cycle in Patient With Type 1 Diabetes

They’re looking to build a “mobile-based module” to help with glycemic control during a T1’s menstrual cycle.  (And if you’re getting the title of this post by now, please forgive me. I’m sleep deprived these days.)

You’ll need to review the requirements to participate in the study, but I wish I lived in the area so I could help. Even if you aren’t eligible or in the area, you might know someone who is…. (It’s like that old Breck commercial… “And she told two friends…and she told two friends..and so on…” – Did I just totally date myself?)

Do you know about Officially: is a registry and results database of publicly and privately supported clinical studies of human participants conducted around the world. Learn more about clinical studies and about this site, including relevant history, policies, and laws.

It’s a bad-ass website giving all of us the ability to help make history by searching out trials that you can get involved with for not just diabetes, but all sorts of nifty diseases.

In fact, just by searching: “Type 1 diabetes” and checking the include only open studies button right now, spit back 1215 results. All over the world – all types of trials…. get involved!

  1. Ha! I’ve been in Charlottesville the past two days for the Manning Diabetes Summit. They are doing great work down here. I’m participating in a different study (I obviously don’t qualify for the one you mention above). But yeah… clinical research is so important. Thanks for spreading the word.

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