HAWMC Day 17 – Wednesday Words for a Wordless Wednesday

HAWMC_Day 17

Those who participate in this year’s Challenge through Wego Health were asked to create a “word cloud”. I chose to use my entire blog… and saw some interesting results.

  • I’ve been blogging for less than 2 months and a lot of it is for the HAWMC challenge, so the large HAWMC and DAY are a given.
  • I LOVE the fact that “Love” is also pretty big. And “Know”. And “Sharing”.
  • I HATE the fact that community, activism, and DOC are NOT large. I’ll be working on changing that.

So, here it is. I have a feeling that next year, this word handprint will be very different.

wod hand

  1. I think it is beautiful!

  2. I am a part of the middle finger.

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