HAWMC Day 16 – Truth, Truth, Truth, Lie…

HAWMC Day 16

This is the prompt for the Wego Health challenge today: I’m supposed to tell you three truths about myself, my condition, or my health activism. I’m also supposed to tell you a lie. You figure out what the lie is amongst the truths….

  • The very first time I had a glucagon shot was at the largest shopping center in Europe, known as the Big O. Nothing like trying to be inconspicuous, shoving a large needle into my thigh while people walked past us and openly gaped. I left there drenched in sweat, trembling all over, and had to lie down as soon as it was over. Let’s just say that it was not the “Big O” experience that I was expecting.
  • My highest recorded blood sugar was 877 at a New Hampshire hospital. No IV. They just gave me insulin to bring it down and made me drink enough water to drown a camel. Even now I’m amazed at how little they understood about what I needed, but back then I just assumed they were right. I wish my advocacy had begun then.
  • My pump was missing for 2 hours in Aruba after I took a late night tipsy swim (Fine. I went skinny-dipping.) and left it under a towel. I picked up the towel, clothes, and sandals, but missed scooping up the one thing I really needed. Frantic calls to the front desk and a panicky sweep of the beach turned up nothing. One of the other guests had turned it into the bartender. Longest two hours of my life.
  • I was the first patient to participate in the study that determined ACE inhibitors could help protect kidney function in diabetics. My veins kept collapsing from all the IVs they had to use over the four hour testing. I cried quietly through the last 35 minutes of it but refused to stop. I don’t regret any part of it except my father walking in at the end and being angry at the techs for “hurting me”.

So, which one is it?Truth Serum

I kept them all diabetes related, because my life is, in itself, stranger than fiction most of the time.

Post your guess in the comment section and I’ll tell you tomorrow…. Promise. 




  1. I’m going to guess option #1…the glucagon scenario.

  2. Oh gosh, I have no freaking idea!! But the way you told the “Big O” story made me LOL. So I’m going to guess the lie was the second one, because maybe your highest recorded blood sugar was at diagnosis and was higher than 877?

  3. I think you’re tricking us and they are all true! 😉

  4. I’ll guess #1. Glucagon-level emergencies usually happen when asleep, not when shopping…

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