Seventeen Reasons For Having Four in Eighteen…

Here are 17 reasons I come up with for having four hypoglycemic reactions in less than 18 hours, in no particular order of importance or veracity:

  1. I didn’t eat enough carbs at dinner and took too much insulin to cover it.
  2. I didn’t drink enough juice for the first low blood sugar of the evening.
  3. I like rollercoasters.
  4. The banana after the second juice brought me up temporarily but not quite enough.
  5. Gymboree for toddlers is too much activity for me and my wonky blood sugars today.
  6. My CGM and my meter are messing with my head for fun.
  7. Delayed gastric emptying is back.
  8. Cleaning the house caused the third low blood sugar. Must stop doing that. Cleaning, I mean.
  9. I’m too sexy for euglycemia.
  10. My basal rates are off.
  11. My bolus rates are off.
  12. I like not wearing socks and thinking about that for long periods of time.
  13. Who wants to have a normal night or a normal morning?
  14. Site change worked too well.
  15. My beta cells showed up for work after thirty years.
  16. I ate cinnamon swirl toast for breakfast. The Internet is totally right about cinnamon. Cured.
  17. We had a nice walk last night and my body has a vendetta against nice walks.

Wile_E_CoyoteI second guess myself a lot, but when your head feels like Wile E. Coyote threw an anvil at Road Runner and hit you instead, you don’t just second guess.

You seventeenth guess.







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