HAWMC Day 11 – TwitFace…

HAWMC Day 11

Write about your favorite social network is today’s prompt from Wego Health.

It’s like being a parent of two children and being told: “Pick your favorite.” You can’t. (At least, you’re not supposed to do that. Thank goodness I have one child.)

Get it? A duck and a woman? A bird on her face? A bird tweets. The lady has a face. Twit + Face. Whee!
Get it? A duck and a woman? A bird on her face? A bird tweets. The lady has a face. Twit + Face. Whee!

So I’m going to call my favorite… TwitFace.

FaceBook is my first social media love. The kind of “let’s slow dance and hold hands and share a malted milkshake at the drug store counter” love. Even when the powers that be kept changing the way FB looked and acted and I screamed: “That’s it! We’re breaking up!”, I still hung around. That’s love, man. That’s true love.

When I started using FaceCrack in 2008, it felt like it was a virtual bumper of my Internet car (I drive an Huayra. And you?) – and I was affixing a new sticker every couple of hours to it. Random thoughts, my favorite lyrics to a song, where I was going when I traveled. I shared a lot.

Perhaps too much. I didn’t separate my personal friends with my professional friends. FaceBook bit me in the ass one day (Never mix business and pleasure, so sayeth the FaceBook gods.) and so I had to create a “professional” profile as well. My work friends got a sanitized version of me. Blech. Boring. (This was before you could separate people into lists and do all sorts of privacy settings. Still not convinced.)

But my non-work friends get me in all my giddy, uncensored glory. And I still love FaceBook for what it’s offered me. I’ve reconnected with people I’ve lost touch with over the years. (And creep on the people I am glad I lost touch with…) Through the DOC and the power of FB, I’ve become friends with people I’ve never met, but knew that if we were ever to be in the same city, we would totally get arrested together within 24 hours.

It’s voyeurism and narcissism and confession and connecting and peeking and sharing. That’s the draw of Facebook.

But then there’s Twitter. If FaceBook is my first love, Twitter is the hot piece on the side that shows me the world beyond lame status updates and “type Jump in the comments and see what happens” pictures. It’s more mature. Civilized. Aloof. But it does parade around naked carrying a crystal tumbler of single malt scotch in one hand and a Gauloises cigarette in the other. Anyone can see what you’re tweeting or retweeting and who you follow. (Yeah, I know you can have a protected Twitter account and tweets. Pretentious much?)

I learn a lot about diabetes from Twitter. The DOC peeps that I follow dig up and share breaking info and research and pertinent bits about things that I am interested in. (Dane Cook is not a DOCer, but Twitter can be boorish without comedians being stupid, so I follow…)

Every Wednesday night, there is a tweet chat run by Diabetes Social Media Advocacy, begun by Cherise that is an hour of thought provoking questions and rapid fire answers by the community: Type 1, Type 2, parents, spouses. There are other activities that go on throughout the week with DSMA, but this is the one that I’m trying not to miss unless toddlergeddon happens in my house while I’m 42 and dropping. (If you want to join us, it’s every Wednesday night at 9pm EST. Just use the hashtag #DSMA and get involved.)

Want to join the Borg Collective with me? 

@ThePerfectdblog is where I’m at on Twitter.

ThePerfectD is this blog’s FB page. (I’m just as witty there as I am here. Sometimes I even share other witty people’s ideas and sites. Come on, join us. All the cool kids are doing it.)

Let’s get connected, TwitFace style. 

P.S. Weird little tidbit about me? I teach a class in social media for a state organization. I am contracted for social media consulting. But you know what I like the most about social media? You can shut it down when you want.

I just haven’t wanted to yet.

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