HAWMC Day 7 – Pants On Fire!


For  your comedic pleasure, Wego Health’s writing challenge is to share a ridiculous headline or proposed cure about my condition and share how I feel about it. 

My problem?

Choosing just one. (I’m not linking any of the websites I found. Not giving them any play, even if we just want to rubberneck…)

Here are some of my favorites for Type 1:

  • I love the “Cure Type 1 Diabetes Naturally” website, where they say using the right combination of antioxidants (which they will GLADLY sell you…) has cured others. They claim:

One man actually reversed the disease itself, and is no longer diabetic! Absolutely unheard of!

Darn tootin’ that it’s absolutely unheard of, because it didn’t happen by using antioxidants. I take a antioxidant multivitamin on occasion and I’m not dancing in the aisles, waving my disconnected insulin pump over my head.

Liar, liar, pants on fire. 

  • What about bacteria that will cure Type 1? You mean, the kind that I already eat on a daily basis? 

…the oral administration of the genetically modified lactococcus bacteria, which is found in yoghurt…

I would eat vats of it. Bathe in it. Slather myself up and parade around town if I would be cured. So, survey says…. Buzz.

Liar, liar, pants on fire. 

  • Supplements can reverse Type 1 diabetes and cure us all? Really?

It is possible to cure diabetes with the use of supplements, like niacinamide and vitamin E.

So, a supplement (the fancy word for a vitamin) is going to cure me when thousands of scientists can’t find a cure? Gosh, we’ve been wasting all this money on research?

Liar, liar, pants on fire.

  • Green smoothies? Raw diet? Gymnema sylvestre? Galega officinalis? Chromium Picolinate? Bilberry?

It makes me sad that there are people out there in the world who actually believe these charlatans and snake-oil hawkers. I think of all the damage they doing to themselves or their family members by placing their faith, money, and health in the hands of people who also probably believe that Elvis is still alive and hanging out with Jim Morrison.

Seriously, I’m getting tired of saying it, and if I actually set on fire every single “Cure Type 1 Diabetes Naturally” listing on Google, I would set….1,450,000 of them.

That’s a lot of pants. 


  1. You forgot “One weird tip.” I haven’t actually seen and ad for one weird tip to cure type 1 diabetes, but they have one weird tip for everything else, there must be one for diabetes too. 🙂

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