HAWMC Day 3 – Wordless Wednesday


For Day 3 of the Health Activist Writer Monthly Challenge, we are asked to post a picture that symbolizes your condition and your experiences.

Well, it’s not a picture of my pump or my supplies or my diabetes, but rather why I keep going.

This, for me,  symbolizes why I do what I do.

This. This is why I fight. © Judy Host

This. This is why I fight. © Judy Host

This is my husband, holding our daughter when she was six weeks old.

This is everything I ever wanted and dreamed about. The sum of all my good and bad experiences with this disease has led me here.

And I am grateful.

And now, I fight to stay healthy every day, because I love them more than my diabetes.

And I don’t want them to live without me.

So, I used words. Is that OK?

Thought so.


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